Class Schedule

Spring Semester Classes: (January –May 2015)

1. Pre-Purchasing and Homeowners Housing Workshop (8 week sessions)

Review steps to pre-qualifying for a home, credit repair, budgeting and savings.

Every Thurs., Jan 29th- Mar. 19th @730pm-9pm

2. Financial Literacy Seminar by Tena’ Veney, Financial Coach

Overview options to saving for retirement, paying off student debt and achieving

financial freedom.

Thurs., Feb. 26, 2015 @ 730pm- 9pm


3. AMEC Sexual Misconduct Training Class (for Ministry Leaders)

Monday, March 30th @ 7pm-8pm

4. New Members Class

Every 3rd Sunday starting Sunday, April 19th

Immediately following 10am and 12noon Services in COH Library

5. Meditation 101

Is worry or stress stealing your peace of mind? Do you want to go deeper in your

relationship with the Lord? Christian meditation could be the answer.

Saturday, May 2, 2015 @9am-10am

6. Realizing Your Dreams: Just Do It

Do you have a great idea? Not sure where to start? Want to get unstuck? Learn how to

set SMART Goals, formulate a strategic plan and pursue your dreams…Just Do It!

Saturday, May 16, 2015 @9am–11am

7. Women’s Discipleship Class I: Growing Strong In God’s Family

Class I:  Learn ways to spend personal time with God in the Bible and in prayer.  Discuss

helpful Bible studies and memorize key verses on principles for Christian living.

Classes every Thursday @7pm -9pm (10 sessions)

March 26th – May 28th

8. Women’s Discipleship Class II: Deepening Your Roots in God’s Family

Memorize several classic Bible verses that you will use for a lifetime.  Experience

extended time alone with God.  Think through your own spiritual history so that you can

express it to someone not yet committed to Christ.

Classes every Thursday @7pm -9pm (10 sessions)

March 26th – May 28th

9. Women’s Discipleship Class III:  Bearing fruit In God’s Family

Discuss Bible studies related to Christian character.  Memorize verses you can use

explain the gospel to others.

Classes every Thursday @7pm -9pm (10 sessions)

March 26th – May 28th


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