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So, Nikki and Jonesy start a speed dating service for Jen, Caitlin, Jude and Wyatt to help find their special someones. Jen received a new method of being mean and unattainable for getting guys from Jonesy while Nicki seconded Caitlin's idea to be nice and respectful to the guys. Therefore, they made it a competition; Caitlin used her nice and sweet act and Jen used her too-good-for-you methods on the double date they had to go to with the two Asian twins they chose.

Both of them are nervous, and Jonesy and Nikki at once interfered with the foursome because of arguing. What made it worse was that Caitlin kissed the wrong boy! Jen purposely kissed the other boy as payback, and Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. After the war is over, Nikki tells him that she did something nice for him: She manages to get a guy named Grady to go out with her; unfortunately, Jen hears about this and informs her that she is dating Grady. Tricia then arrives and announces that Grady is her date, as do Kristen and Kirsten. A fight breaks out outside the store—a fight that Grady quickly backs away from before they can figure out that he's actually the one they should be mad at.

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After the fight ends, the group gathers in Grind Me , and Tricia comes up with a modest proposal: Her proposal is to get revenge on all the jerks in the mall—a prospect to which all of the girls readily agree. Soon, they set up a list of crimes, and then Tricia leads them into the mall to find people to punish.

The first person they go after is Wyatt, who is busy working at Burger McFlipster's. There, he sings a song that involves women and burgers, and Tricia manufactures offense and then gets him put on a list of targets. After this, the girls talk to a girl named Monica who was stood up the previous night. However, when Jen hears the name of the jerk—Jude, who couldn't dial his phone—she starts to worry about the safety of her friend. She calls Caitlin to warn Jude, but this call is heard by Tricia and the girls, who decide to head down to the Big Squeeze to take care of him.

There, Caitlin shelters Jude inside the Big Squeeze while Tricia pounds on it, demanding to be let in. Caitlin is unwilling to do this, but Jude opens the giant lemon and stands on the counter, where he gives a speech that ends with his apology to Monica for standing her up. This speech touches the girls, and when a jock walks up, Tricia immediately moves to claim him as her own.

Caitlin isn't happy about the tone Tricia's using, so Tricia squirts lemon juice at her. Caitlin retaliates, and soon an all-out lemon war breaks out, with girls throwing lemons all over the place. The only one who doesn't participate is Jen , who stands off to the side and thinks about what the women of the mall have done.

After Jude's board wax hurts his hands, he tries to come up with a solution to help them. What he settles on is ketchup and mustard to help them heal and hockey gloves so he won't scratch at them. However, his hand solution leads Jonesy to suggest that he cancel his date. Jude forgets to do so, however, and brings the wrath of the mall females down on his head, with his only protectors being Jen and Caitlin.

Meanwhile, an old bickering couple get a new job at Burger Mcflipsters with Wyatt.

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  • Jonesy opens an account at the bank, but he later impersonates the bank's manager from the head office, giving out loans to his friends and rejecting loans from others. Meanwhile, Nikki seeks revenge by playing a huge prank on the Khaki Clones. Nikki starts admiring and complimenting with the customers at the Khaki Barn so she can earn more money to buy Jonesy new skates, but when she accidentally calls Jonesy on one of the new cell phones Caitlin gave all of them, he overhears her flirting with one of the customers and thinks she's cheating on him.

    Meanwhile, Jen gets stuck in a question booth, and Wyatt lets the gang endlessly prank him so he can finish his new album. Ron the Rent-a-Cop seems determined to put an end to Christmas by confiscating all of the Mall decorations and otherwise getting out of control and abusing his power as the head of mall security. Meanwhile, Nikki's mom, Mrs.

    "Шестнадцатилетние" Date and Switch (TV Episode ) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

    Wong, doesn't think Jonesy is right for Nikki so she attempts to interfere in her daughter's relationship with Jonesy by setting her up with other boys in the mall. Wyatt accidentally calls his girlfriend, Marlowe, "Serena," the name of his ex-girlfriend, several times. All while Jonesy charges couples money to make out in an old sports car.

    Caitlin falls for a guy who loves animals, so after seeing Tricia with a cute new pet, Caitlin decides to have one for herself to impress him. Meanwhile, Jude's lucky coin falls into the air vent and he gets stuck while trying to retrieve it. Later, Jude and Ron get hooked on a romantic soap opera.

    Jonesy accidentally breaks up George and Gracie Bickerson's marriage and Nikki won't speak to Jonesy until he gets them back together. Caitlin sends letters to Kevin, the other Lemon employee who works in the mornings. By the end of the episode, Caitlin meets Kevin and learns he is gay. Marlowe gets excited after getting a job at "Spin This," which upsets Wyatt, since he used to work there before Serena fired him for taking her rejection too seriously. Meanwhile, Jonesy scams people into buying glasses for his new job as an assistant optometrist by replacing the normal eye chart with a blurry eye chart to earn more commission.

    While Caitlin tries to deal with her aching cold sore, a teen movie gets filmed at the Mall, and auditions for movie extras are held at "Grind Me. Meanwhile, Wyatt and Nikki suspect that Caitlin and Jude have started dating. Jonesy and Nikki win a pair of tickets to one of Jonesy's favorite sci-fi flicks, War Star Galaxy Force which parodies the Star Wars saga , but the other pair of tickets are awarded to Darth and Julie, meaning they all have to be together.

    During the filming, Jonesy and Darth work on a plan to film the movie in order to sell unlicensed DVDs. Meanwhile, some of the girls in the mall, led by Tricia, want to get back at their boyfriends for doing rude, dumb and mean things around or to them, until Caitlin and Jen discover that Tricia's feminist kick is really a scam to try to turn Caitlin and her friends against each other.

    Jen is putting some old clothes up for the mall clothing donation drive, but Jonesy sees that the donated clothes were from his father and uses the donated wardrobe for himself in an attempt to act cool.

    Date and Switch

    He is discovered by a mysterious man who claims he is the latest teen-trend finder, and offers Jonesy a job. Jonesy gladly accepts and attempts to find hot new trends. Caitlin falls for a guy named Sawyer, but she feels the needs to make her breasts bigger since Sawyer is into large-chested girls.

    Caitlin then buys a water bra, which gives Jonesy the idea to sell bras with water balloons stuffed in them. Meanwhile, Diego and Robbie drive Jen completely nuts since Jen hates her three stepbrothers, but finds out her mom is pregnant and is desperate to find out if it is a girl or a boy. Griffin, a new employee at The Penalty Box, asks Jen out on a date, only later to find out that he's more of a miser than a hunky guy. Meanwhile, Caitlin dates a boy named Jasper, and each mistakenly thinks the other speaks fluent Spanish. Jonesy gets a job as a customer service rep at a travel agency and has much in common with his co-worker Joanie, and they start to spend a little bit too much time with each other.

    Nikki notices this and starts to fear that Jonesy might dump her for Joanie. Meanwhile, Jude gets a job at the Penalty Box. A dating dispute ensues when Jen needs a date for her cousin's wedding to avoid being seated at the lame children's table. Nikki and Jonesy find a perfect candidate named Dax who is an old friend of Nikki's, but Caitlin feels that the guy that she found, Dougray, is even more perfect. Meanwhile, Ron puts Wyatt in mall jail on a trumped-up charge of littering and blackmails him into teaching Ron how to play the guitar to play a song for his crush Yummy Mummy.

    Jude also throws a beach vacation in the mall. Wyatt has a fear that Marlowe could break up with him after they've gotten on each other's nerves for a while.

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    Caitlin meets a cute boy named Calum at a party and later realizes he's a nerd so she writes him a fake phone number, but she writes the number on the back of her very own Khaki Card, on which she saved shopper's card points since she was 14 years old. So Caitlin needs to find a way to search for Calum and get her Khaki card back. Caitlin saves Darth from a bully, who had strung him up over a mezzanine railing, and gets protection from the Jedi force as her reward, but Darth's girlfriend Julie is jealous that Darth is spending so much time around Caitlin, and wants revenge.

    Meanwhile, Jonesy and Jude find a box of old security tapes from over 30 years ago, which featured a younger version of Ron the Rent-a-cop. Later, Jen gets bad luck after deleting a chain e-mail that says she must forward it to addresses, or get bad luck forever. Jen's mother, Emma will be soon going into labor at the hospital while Jonesy and Jude start wheelchair races in the hospital corridors.

    Full Cast & Crew

    Caitlin is forced to use a pay phone, which she has a fear of using, rather than her cell phone which she is forbidden to use in the hospital. Meanwhile, Nikki is too afraid of babies to help Jen's mother with the breathing exercises. Jen tries to be excused from work to go see her mother at the hospital, but she ends up getting stuck in many places, from having her shoelace stuck in the escalator to getting put in the slammer at Ron the Rent-a-cop's office, and when Nathan, a new boy Jen likes, helps to free her, they both end up stuck inside one of the mall's elevators.

    Jen and Nathan are still stuck in the elevator at the mall, Jude chats up with a dead body, and Jonesy becomes a clown to entertain the kids at the hospital, while Nikki is in love with newborn babies in the hospital's nursery, but she accidentally puts two babies in the wrong cribs. But she then puts them back. She then goes to Jonesy for advice on how to switch the babies back, eventually leading into Nikki telling Jonesy that she loves him.

    She then disguises herself as a nurse in an attempt to switch the babies back and prevent a couple from mistakenly taking the wrong baby home. In the end, Jude takes a picture of everyone gathered around the new baby, Emma. Jen then assigns Jonesy to take care of baby Emma on her behalf while she works. Jonesy gets bored at home, so he takes Emma to the mall, but baby Emma kept crying so he gives her to Nikki to look after. Nikki, meanwhile, experiences weird dreams about being in a relationship with Darth, so she passes the baby to Caitlin.

    Needing to get away from his new co-worker Wayne, Wyatt leaves with the baby and heads to the ice rink to give her to Jonesy, but Jude puts her on the Zamboni, which then drives off into the mall after Jude accidentally disengages the parking brake. Ron the Rent-a-cop gets baby Emma and gives her back to Jen, who then finds out her parents are getting home and she has to rush home with her baby sister before they arrive.

    This is a title reference to the movie Three Men and a Baby.

    Olympic athlete Travis Gibson visits the mall to meet Jen, but Jen won't spend time with him because of the time Travis threw a rock right at her forehead back in grade 2 and gave her a nasty scar. Caitlin decides to give up boys for good and go into art after her new flame Spencer dumps her.