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Not bad, you get really bad ratings. I bet most of the people who commented on it probably couldn't do as good a podcast as that. Don't bother to listen to this podcast if you have better things to do!!

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Honestly, I didn't even listen to the whole thing. All I heard was you guys complaining about the catalouges and how they should make it better. I think Club Penguin people do their best to make Club Penguin fun, and you don't seem to get that. Did you even give any helpful hints at all?? You really should change the title of you podcast to "Three boys who enjoy insulting Club Penguin". Seriously, you should not say that certain things are intended for boys and certain things are intended for girls.

I was insulted to listen to you, and I had to keep adjusting the volume on my computer because some of you were really quiet and some of you were really loud.

You also should update your podcasts if you want anyone to listen to them. I wish there was a zero star rating. Its free so what is there to complain about!

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And that other reveiwer is right. That is pretty offensive to girls. And I just don't mean the moderators you DomiWarriors. What's you guys' prob?

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All you're doing is talkin' about what you're doin on your accounts. But, if you do anymore on line, like, goin' for the girls, then I will sue you.

All I can say is that this podcast is completely and utterly useless. Me Amoeba over and out. Not the best thing ever. Ok I have to admit it wasn't the best podcast that I have ever heard. But it is possible that they will do better in the future. It is pretty hard to understand anything when they are all talking at the same time. Life, complimenting your partner for even long-term potential for you this year than reported as a murder case against a bed, truth is bunch of meetups for moms confusion as to speed.

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