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Ellen works in fashion. You'd think she and her friends would have a different word to use?

Yes, I know this was written in But in I was a naive 18 year old, and I'd refer to things I didn't like as "gay". Then, a friend told me her sister was a lesbian, and could I stop saying that? It's super easy to not be a horrible person! That word is used 48 times. Also, no one is concerned that a 4 year old is wearing Pull Ups?

My niece and nephew did, for long rides. Not trips to the bakery. One gets the feeling Ms. Zigman didn't spend a whole lot of time with kids when she wrote this. Almost all of the relationships are dysfunctional.

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If a man takes off a condom when his lady is looking away, doesn't that count as rape? How is this different? I legit thought about throwing this book out because of it, instead of donating like I normally do. I feel like I'm missing things, but I've spent my rage energy up on those lol. Anyway, I would highly recommend not reading this book ever. I'm sorry I'll never get those days back. Jan 18, Michelle rated it it was ok Shelves: I didn't like this much as Zigman's novel Animal Husbandry, but that might be because the story is about a successful single woman who is desperate to have a child.

I could not really relate to the desire as my biological clock has never worked. Feb 29, Nina Draganova rated it really liked it.

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May 28, Lynnette Dobberpuhl rated it liked it. I liked this book. It struck me as an honest look at the conflicts many modern women face with relationships or lack thereof, childbearing and career. However, I had difficulty sympathizing with the main character and I am not sure if it is because my own reproductive situation was so completely different, or if it was because she struck me as somewhat more self-involved than the average young woman thinking about committing herself to a life as a parent. Still, the world Zigman created and th I liked this book.

Still, the world Zigman created and the characters within pulled me along to the ending. Oct 26, Kenzee rated it did not like it. Wow this book was stupid. The characters were shallow and impossible to relate with. The ridiculously convenient ending just pissed me off.

Jul 30, Sutter Lee rated it liked it. It's chick lit, so only giving a 3 rating, save higher scores for literary fiction, good memoirs. But right now, I just finished this one-day read, and I'm saying aloud thank you thank you thank you to the author for giving me the ending I hoped for but really didn't expect. I can go to bed, to sleep, smiling. Great read It felt good to read a book that talks about a single woman who choses her own future and is not dependent on a guy. It's a great SMBC book. The author really shows you what it's like to want a family and to chose your on path to get there.

Required One two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty. Mar 21, Ellyn Mrs. Jul 02, Dawn rated it did not like it. Mar 19, Trish rated it it was ok. Jul 10, Margaret rated it really liked it. Sure, Ellen Franck was excited when her sister became pregnant but she never counted on falling head over heels in love as a result.

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The minute she held her newborn niece, Nicole known as Pickle her heart was stolen and she knew what it was that she was missing in her life. Ellen, 35,hates the term of "biological clock" but she knows that her chances of having a child of her own are diminishing as each day passes.

She is in love with a gentle man and has been in a relationship with him for ove Sure, Ellen Franck was excited when her sister became pregnant but she never counted on falling head over heels in love as a result. She is in love with a gentle man and has been in a relationship with him for over a year; but he is broken. Divorced after the death of his son, he lost the ability to be intimate with anyone. He will not risk another love, another child and when Ellen asks him point blank to help her have a child, no strings attached, the relationship crumbles. Ellen ponders and researches and discusses with her friends and her sister her options.

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She knows to have a child as a single parent would not be easy for her or for her child. Should she follow her heart and go forward with "artificial" means of becoming pregnant? Ellen does not make her final decision lightly and as Ellen becomes informed of the details of artificial insemination and its pros and cons, so does the reader. The title and cover of this book made me think I was going to read a side-splitting, laugh out loud comedy. While I did smile and chuckle, I found the book to be a tender and wistful story of many women like Ellen who, rather than settle for a male partner as a means to an end, want to have a child even if it means going it alone.

I loved the characters in this story and how they came to life as people I would enjoy knowing and having as my own friends. But the character who stole my heart, just as she did Ellen's, was Pickle. I don't know Zigman's personal bio, but she certainly knows children Mar 18, Sheila rated it liked it.

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About a modern woman, Ellen Franck, facing the age old insurmountable problem: Ellen's biological clock ticks loudly away in her heart, and she takes cues from those around her-her sister her boss, her new friendship with a fellow high school alum, among countless other-on her quest to figure out her path.

She has a fabulous job which is wearing on her, and a frozen boyfriend, Malcolm, who cannot se This book was She has a fabulous job which is wearing on her, and a frozen boyfriend, Malcolm, who cannot seem to live up to her needs. In the end, Ellen makes a decision for herself, by herself, and everything of course falls into place.

I liked that this book is an easy read. The plot, while very relatable to many women, is not all that compelling. And every character is really measured against the single-minded concern of our narrator, her interest in having her own child. I did not find Ellen believable as an aunt who calls up their niece and nephews to revel in what he or she is wearing that day? There are parts which are awfully convenient and contrived.

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The topic is not one to which I currently relate, but I have related, as I believe every woman has. I also think the way that women constantly measure themselves against others in pursuit of our womanly goals is accurately enough presented. In that reality, it does not make me proud to be a woman. This is the kind of book that makes me feel like I could write a big, and for that, Laura Zigman, I thank you. Jul 28, Susan Bazzett-Griffith rated it liked it Shelves: Zigman's Dating Big Bird is surprisingly mature for a book of it's ilk.

Her protagonist, a single career woman in her mid-thirties, wants a child, dotes on her niece, and finds a friend in a similar situation. She actually shows the character realizing and ruminating on her decision to have a child on her own throughout the entire book, rather than the normal go-go-go pace of these types of books. The book has characters representing all different kinds of mothers, and Zigman refuses to show any sort of favoritism to any of the characters' choices, which was refreshing.

The reason I only give this book three stars is that, perhaps because of her careful handling of the subject matter, it was a little slow, and because the ending was more than a bit unbelievable. Honestly, this book screams- make a romantic comedy! Make this into a chick flick! Dating Big Bird is a good read, though, for those who are into these kinds of books. Feb 04, Kimberly rated it liked it. Having three kids, I can fully relate to Ellen's the main character who wants to be pregnant and have a child but has no way of getting pregnant desire to have children. Those of us with kids will get a laugh out of the silly things she does while trying to decide whether to get pregnant and how to get pregnant.

Not to mention the who.


The whole working mother vs. I'm not sure I really liked the end and the last pages seemed to summarize the end of the story instead of telling the story. There really may not have been a ton to tell at that point though. I don't want to give away too m uch here. Just the thought of "Dating Big Bird" was intriguing and very odd.

There is no actual Big Bird in the story, just a stuffed one. I wouldn't spend a chunk of change on the book, but it was a fast read that offers a different point of view on a topic that I am so familiar with: Dec 24, Adelaine Pek rated it really liked it. I enjoyed every page of it and it got me constantly laughing.