Krk rokit 6 hookup

Yes, Saffire for both input and output. Leave it at and normal.

Studio monitors for tv audio - please help !! [Solved] - TV - Audio

For the driver error compensation, you should follow the Ableton Live lesson built into Live about setting that up correctly. It gives you a step-by-step guide. Test tone is for testing your CPU at the set percentage of usage. It emulates CPU load. Don't worry about it. Help a new use setup Hi All I am recently after buying myself a maschine and am trying to setup my recording studio , my epuipment is as follows maschine 2 technic turntables 1 4 track pioneer mixer 1 P A speakers a computer with windows xp focusrite saffire 6 usb 2 in 4 out and an amplifire for the P A Speakers listen guys ill be real honest im using my mothers djing epuipment theyve been in the house for years and any help i could get settin up would be appreciated what im trying to do is get my maschine to play through the PA speakers and it would be brilliant if i could assign one of the chanels on the mixer to the maschine?

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Johnsonone , Jan 6, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Thank you very much! Feb 18, at 1: Post 2 of From what i have read on this forum other reviewers have said that there is a slight benefit from running them in balanced mode..

They have also said that they sound great running off your computers sound card or a mp3 player.

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Im going to be running mine from my pc to usb into my Fiio e17 dac and then from the mini jack to rca into the unbalanced rca on the speakers. I am now looking for something that i can run from my dac into something that i can leave both my speakers or my headphones both plugged in and be able to switch between the two and control the volume from there. Feb 18, at 8: Post 3 of Toddmarking look into a basic audio interface, I use a focusrite 2i4 on my desktop and a Roland QuadCapture on my laptop, both allow you to do exactly what you describe.

Feb 18, at 9: Post 4 of Feb 26, at Post 5 of Just got my rokit 6's this evening.


Hooked them up to my computer. Mini jack to rca and it sounds good. I think i am going to get the focusrite 2i4 soon, i am always trying to go for a knob whenever i want to adjust the volume. I am completely stuck in midfi Feb 26, at 8: Post 6 of Might be better for your Senns. Rated for mW into ohms. You also get a choice of direct line out or pre-amp out, allowing you to choose whether or not to use the tube pre-amp and volume control with your speakers. Feb 27, at Post 7 of Feb 27, at 4: Post 8 of Post 9 of I have a pair of studio monitors also and I love them.

Unfortunately my kid doesn't allow me to use them very often. It has balanced preamp outputs for studio monitors and it sounds great to my ears so there's another option instead of the focusrite I hear good things about this product also.

Apr 24, at 9: Post 10 of I seldom play with balance and tone settings anyways as I prefer to listen to my music as "normal" without segments of the audio spectrum altered or "boosted" so these are another dimension of clarity from your standard desktop computer speakers! Being self powered- they have tons more oomph than the audio circuits in any computer so these things can easily get you in serious trouble with neighbors!

The Back Of A Typical Studio Speaker & Balanced vs Unbalanced