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The average girl in Romania probably spends twice, if not thrice as much time on her looks as her Western counterparts. And she sure as heck spends a much bigger part of her income on beauty. Go in prepared and you will not be surprised when she looks a tad or like a lot different without makeup than she did when you first met. Romanian girls often have slightly darker complexions than their neighbors in the northern parts of Eastern Europe. A common complaint among men is that makeup is somehow false advertisement.

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While you are as entitled to your opinion as Romanian women are to their beauty routine, that is pretty much BS. You are welcome to reflect on how the poorest nations have the most affinity for showing off and living beyond their means. But my point here is different:. Unlike what some Eastern European dating websites would have you believe, Romanian girls are not desperate for finding a man. They are not opposed to the idea, either, in fact nearly all want a family and the sooner, the better.

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But unlike other nations, Romanians are not as concerned with the gender imbalance and the lack of high-value men. Going back to looks and maintenance, that is just how things are done in Romania. Nails and hair are always done. You can meet Romanian women on this website. Two things:. So Romanian women might not be super desperate about finding a husband before 25—but they are all about being in a relationship. The whole Romanian culture is mostly about longer-term, stable relationships. People get paired up in serious, committed couples very young—and they pretty much do everything together.

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I think this is a consequence of people jumping into relationships young, but Romanian women will not miss out on life just because they now have a boyfriend. In fact, women in Romania rarely go to the club completely unaccompanied. So, expect your future Romanian darling to bring you to a lot of her favourite bars and clubs. Of course, this is person-specific. Romanians love their nights out, much more than Westerners. Those social awkwardness jokes that rule Western Twitter and Instagram? CaRmEnAlyNa98, Anitzza96, Avinusa, Ariana96, Bobolinna22, Bianca, Daciana91, Salomea92, In order to meet girls in United States, who are interested in friendship, relationships or who are looking for a partner, you must create an account.

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It's free and really easy to join Compatibilitate. Start browsing thousands of girls profiles free of charge and enjoy fun, love and romance with single young women! Search Men or Women Men Women. Advanced filter About my ideal match Zodiac sign Aries. Never married. It's complicated. No, but would like to have children. No, and doesn't want any. Yes, and they are living together. ALL This in a small Romanian community of a few thousands in a mid-size Canadian city of about , people.

Many are good and decent, just like many Romanian men are good and decent as well. However, you should notice how many times a Romanian woman behaves around a nice Romanian guy vs. The foreigner will get her attention and smiles regardless. The foreigner is an exit ticket for her.

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Or the foreigner is a road to riches. Or a ticket to exotic new cultures. The more easier you seduce them, the bigger the warning signs. Same goes for the provocative clothes as well. The more provocative the worse. Just a bit more experienced and also with lower standards than gold diggers in other lands.

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Lots of Canadian gold diggers in my town too, but they tend to have higher standards when it comes to the way guys look like. Quite an easy ticket for the foreigner to reverse the table, and bang bang a Romanian girl with much much ease, and then drop her like the cheap piece of meat that she was to him. It is known that Romania now is quite a tourist destination for relations these days, with men going there and picking up girls for free in clubs etc. Go meet Romanians in the US. Unless you were born Romanian with a very good eye for the look of a Romanian, you would never know a Romanian from an American.

Perhaps if Romania was clean and beautiful like most every other EU country is, the people would also look better. Romanian people have a kind nature on a whole, but as another person said it correctly about those living in the specific region of Canada, all is not exactly cute and pretty. Oh, and something not mentioned anywhere, once you go in bed with a real Romanian woman, you either get eaten alive or you wake up and wonder if you are in a hospital. I am a Canadian girl from Denmark but since my mom is from Ireland, I have very traditional values.

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Here in Canada we find Romanian women and women from Eastern Europe to be gold diggers, very aware of money and materialistic to the point where it is annoying and an embarrassment. Eastern European Women here have trouble meeting Canadian men because of their attitude. Canadians are very romantic, we have the British cultural background and English literature which influences our daily life. People just need to find that one person that they click with.

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  • I found my beau who happens to be from Texas. Who ever would have thought a Texan would be romantic, but he is and I adore him. I am a Romanian woman living in Canada. And I find a lot of Canadians complaining the same about Canadian women — that they are very materialistic and gold diggers. Each country has its own bad apples. But from there to speaking bad about other people is a long way. This article is spot on about Romanian women.

    I dare you to leave in that country as a single woman and with only the salary you can make there. Maybe then you will understand a bit more about us. We look for financial security as I think anyone on this planet does and we know how to work hard for that. The vast majority of Romanians both men and women are intelligent and very hard working people.

    And I see a lot of respect for them in Canada. Just Google and see who is president of Air Canada. People are good or bad because of their nature. Not because they are born in Romania or Canada or Denmark. I am also a Romanian girl and many people from the outside misunderstand us like Codifex Maximus. If you are born in Romania, you understand us.

    It is false the population of girls that cheat on their boyfriends and husbands are high. And if we cheat it is mostly because they treated us like a possession and cheated and left us. For example, my grandmother did not cheat on my grandfather even after he cursed at her and sometimes hit her.

    Often Western guys will be dating Romanian or Eastern European women and then declare their girlfriend a cheater. This is false. The real story from someone who spent a decade of their life in Eastern Europe and part of the culture my whole life is Eastern European woman are loyal. What happens is a Western guy from the US or the UK for example will date a woman who is easy to find in Eastern Europe, someone who speaks English and is ready to jump into a relationship with a foreign, maybe it will improve their English or their economics or excitement.

    For me the destiny is often already set in stone. These women are quasi westernised and want to act out their new found ideas on some western guy. In contrast I recommend finding the girl who is hidden. One that you might met in Church and not in a pub. One you might meet at used bookshop rather than with a group of their friends in a club. One that is just anonymously living their life pursing intellectual and spiritual development, which is the majority of women in Romania.

    What is the cause of infidelity? Lack of loyal to ones ideals. First you have to have ideals and then you have to have the commitment to them. You find a good girl from Romania like aforementioned and you will have no problem with fidelity.