Is a 13 year old dating a 16 year old wrong

If one sexual partner is over 16 and the other under 16, then sex is illegal. The same is true if both partners are aged over 13 and under However, consensual sex involving young people under 16 does happen and, if this is you, it might be a good idea to talk through your situation with a Galop caseworker or an LGBT youth worker. Our hate crime casework service can give you advice, support and help if you experience homophobia, transphobia or biphobia.

Domestic abuse is any kind of threatening behaviour, violence, or abuse between people who have been intimate partners or family members.


I have a little sister and when she was 13 if I found out she was dating a 16 year old guy I would probably kill her I've always dated older guys I'm 19 and the guy I'm dating right now is I say you just stay with him but don't feel pressured into anything and keep your heart protected What do I know? All you really have to worry about are your parents since they have the most control over the situation. Hope everything works out for the best!

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Sorry honey but yes, I am 14 so don't think that I don't understand and everything. You should end it and if you both love each other so much you can wait. If he moves on quickly he wasn't worth it and if he really likes you he will understand. Your head will clear after you end it and then you can see if he was really worth it or if it was just the excitement and lust of an older man.

Is a 13 year old dating a 16 year old so wrong? | Yahoo Answers

I mean a 16 year old is way more mature than a 13 year old, but who knows if he really sees something in you and cares about you it might not be so bad, but at your age i wouldn't let him talk you into making out or anything much less sex. If you guys really like each other it might work but you gotta be careful dating a guy that much older than you.

Honestly, when i was in the 7th grade, i had a few girls dating a 17 year old and i ask them But like someone said already When i was 16 i was with a 19 year old Me and you are having the exact same problem right now. My mom said he doesnt want anything from me but sex and me and him both know that isnt true. Ppl say our relationship isnt going to last, ect but its doing pretty good even though im in 7th and he's in 11th.

Forget what people say and make sure you arent in this alone. Keep it a secret from your parents until you are 18 if it can last that long. And jut do what you feel is right! Some foreign countries have a lower age, but in the USA it's either 16, 17, or 18 with most states, either by statute of judicial decision, having the "close in age exemptions," also known as "Romeo and Juliet laws. I started high school when I was Most of the guys I dated were juniors and seniors. So all years older than me. I would probably just talk to him about safety and things like that.

But as long as her parents are ok with it, I would let it go.

Is a 13 year old dating a 16 year old so wrong?

Add extremely late puberty and likely autism and I can understand why my adoptive mother was scared of me dating. I physically was very much a child until my senior year and even then I looked about years younger than my calendar age. I have several friends with November and even December birthdays who were 13 when we started 9th grade. I was 13 the day I started 9th grade and turned 14 a week later. I was 17 when I started college. I actually have never heard of a 13 year old being in 7th grade, only 8th My daughter starts seventh in the fall and will be 13 in the middle of the year.

She's right in the middle of the pack for her class, although there's a significant number or boys whose parents chose to red shirt for kindergarten and then a lot of those also went to T1 between K and first but for kids who started on time, she's right in the middle. But that means she will be 19 by the time she graduates, right? I had a senior class of and not a single kid was That's so bizarre to me! I also don't know what T1 is, never heard of that. No, she'll be 18 in the middle of the year, just like I was our birthdays are a few days apart. She turns 13 in the middle of the school year, I should have said.

Oh yeah I guess I was adding wrong, I did know kids who turned 18 senior year, I guess the only time it seemed weird was if they turned 18 right at the beginning but that does still happen. Can't believe I added that wrong, though, I'm blaming my migraine lol. In our state the start age for kindergarten has been 5 before September 1st for decades. Over the past few years, there has been a move in most states to making the start date more uniform across the USA. All but a few states now have a kindergarten start date that the child has to be 5 by a specific day that falls somewhere between August 1 and October 1.

Boys typically mature slower than girls by a year or two and being a year older is preceived as an advantage for sports, but many districts are putting those 6 year olds into 1st grade without kindergarten. I was only a year younger than most of my classmates. I was also 13 when I started highschool late bday but I did turn 14 the 1st week of school.

I also started dating a guy who was 16 the week I turned 14 and we dated for 3 years. Saying your questionable choices should work for OPs son is ridiculous.

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  • It's not that I was just "fine". That's not at all what I'm saying. I'm saying that it's pretty common. I would definitely be talking to the girls parents. I would also have some ground rules set with the kids. But forbidding your child to date someone is not gonna fix the situation. It's just gonna make them sneak around. Engage in potentially unsafe behavior. Which is worse for everyone involved. If OP thinks they are having sex or might soon. She should definitely have a conversation about consent and "legal consent" with her son.

    Because in most states, the legal consent age is I'm not saying it's just gonna be fine. I'm just saying that it's common. That may be true for a certain segment of parents but none of the kids I went to school with had relationships like this. The school probably would have gotten involved.


    Maybe kids whose parents were checked out had relationships like this but that's hardy a good thing All of the kids I went to school with had relationships like this. Both high schools I went to. Now as an adult, I see it a lot in the local high schools too. Maybe the experiences I had arent common for most people, but I have seen it in a tiny town, a big city and a midsized town now. All in completely different parts of the country. So its seems common to me because I have and do see it often. Maybe its not as common as I think it is. But it seems like it.

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    I understand this may be insulting, but the only girls I knew who got away with this were from lower income households with no plans for college. Most of the kids I knew were upper middle class.