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If you choose to leave Steam running, and you get a VAC ban, you have no one to blame but yourself.

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Im working on getting my server browser up and functioning completely.. I can make this work And something I have told tictac that should be said publicly is that any time you kill steam with taskkill it records how it was terminated and if it is terminated with taskkill it does "extra" things upon startup. Not really sure how steam is able to record how it was terminated, but in reality it should not really matter. I can terminate any process on my personal PC that I wish to as I wish to.

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Steam has not control over my personal PC in regards to what I run or when. If I wish to kill the Steam task, I can do so. Now, if you are running something that changes the game play so that you have an advantage over everyone else, aimbot, no reoil, wallhack etc etc, then that is a whole different story. As I have never downloaded or used any such type of software, for me it is not an issue. All the game directories that have Steam games in them are completely clean and legit when running Steam. Since I honestly do not know if the community project that we use to play on dedicated servers could get you banned or not, I simply take precautions and advise others to do so as well.

I own the games I play, so for me I have no personal feelings of guilt playing the game as it should have been designed originally.

Only someone that has never played a 4D1 server would questions the validity or awesomeness of it. If you do not wish to try it, then don't. Another suggestion is to grab a few of your steam friends and host some private matches among yourselves. Look on your main screen. You need to fix your router so that it says NAT is open. On mine, I just had to add Call of Duty to the list of exceptions.

MW2 is still going strong.

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