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So I started blogging. I did my own thing. This is what drives him. I suspect Rand starting his own company is why we fight so rarely. Not when he needs to figure out how to be profitable. Not when so many other people are involved, working days and nights to make sure things are okay.

You forgot to mail the letter I gave you? Let me edit that blog post for you. I think I saw a typo. Run to say hi to someone, or get dragged into a conversation with a group. My only choice was to walk up to a group of strangers, introduce myself, and start talking.

Or I could have run away, I guess. But god, I hate running. Now when I go somewhere and know no one? Not everyone wants to be my friend. But not everyone wants to hang out with me — and yet, how can they tell me that? So I force myself to step back. I let other folks set the terms of what our relationship will be. Prenups are par for the course. His board of directors said that we needed one. I relinquished voting rights.

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I could complicate things for Rand. Other people not so much. Tried being just a little more palatable. In the startup world, there are no guarantees. The only thing I found that I could be sure of was the clicking of his keyboard from the other room, or, on nights when he was out of town, just the thought of it.

Date a guy who runs startup – Haartism

And for me, that turned out to be enough. When his company finally sold, or went public, or came to a close through some other, less desirable means. There will never be a party that he attends until the end. Because he will always have a twinkle in his eye. And I will always fall asleep to the sound of his keyboard clicking. Look, my husband loves me more than the sun, but the sun is objectively more important than I am.

I suppose if I made him choose, I might win, but what, really, would be the point?

Eight Things to Know Before Dating An Entrepreneur

He loves what he does. It gives him meaning, is part of who he is. I could no more ask him to give it up than I could ask him to cut off his own arm. Why do that, when I can have a whole him?

They came up slowly, over the course of our relationship. These are the things that make us us. Certainly not my thighs. But he means it. He loves all the parts of me. The good and the bad. I was in serious danger of being sat upon.

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I get it now. Share this Post Facebook. Tags Rand , Random Musings. Never miss a post Get new blog posts delivered straight to your inbox. More from The Blog. When a relationship is new, you are the mountain to climb, the landscape to explore, the challenge to win over. You are the ambiguity and novelty that gets them excited.

15 things I didn’t know when I started dating an entrepreneur

This is because entrepreneurs are generally impeccable impression managers. Impression management is a skill honed from years of fake it till you make it. And it's not just "helpful to have," it's a damn near entrepreneurial requirement. And the man riding the lion is thinking, How the hell did I get on a lion, and how do I keep from getting eaten?

Don't worry, crazy exists on a spectrum. Psychologist John Gartner believes a condition called hypomania is responsible for the success of many great entrepreneurs. You'll have to navigate around an hefty ego and hint of narcissism to date a successful entrepreneur. It just comes with the territory. According to multiple studies, entrepreneurs demand independence, reject authority, and don't like being told what to do.

Which isn't always conducive to the whole "being in a relationship" thing. If you're up for the challenge, it's worth it every damn time. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. If you're dating an entrepreneur, your world will probably explode.

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If you're dating an entrepreneur, you're probably dating a crazy person. If you're dating an entrepreneur, you'll probably feel like you're never working hard enough. If you're dating an entrepreneur, you're going to have to compromise. Entrepreneurs can make the best or worst partners depending on their mate. Technology Startups Consciousness Romance Entrepreneurs.