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If the lady you want to marry is religious, of good manners, and obeys Allah and His Messenger, and both of you want to please Allah in this world in order to earn reward in the Hereafter, then you have made a perfect choice, and we ask Allah to fulfill your hopes and bring you together in a good way. If she is not, then you should reconsider your choice. May Allah help you to do what He loves and what pleases Him! Islam does not allow anyone to be forced into marriage. At the same time, the parents or guardians of the youth are responsible to find the best of matches for their children.

This involves knowing first of all, your own child and second of all to know about the potential spouse, and also very important — to know the family and their ways, before recommending marriage. There is an Arabic proverb that says: Arranged marriages, on the other hand, are based not on physical attraction or romantic notions, but rather on critical evaluation of the compatibility of the couple.

That is why such marriage often proves successful. The West makes fun of the Islamic way of marriage, in particular arranged marriage. Yet, the irony is that statistically arranged marriages prove to be more successful and lasting than romantic types of courtship. This is because people are blinded by the physical attraction and thus do not choose the compatible partner.

One can just bring mediators from within the family, i. But we have to emphasize that it is not lawful to compel a girl to marry someone she does not want. Salatul Istakharah the prayer for letting Allah to choose for you , is the most important and most effective way to find what will make you the happiest and give you the best partner for your life here and in the Hereafter.

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I wish you read next lines with open heart and mind. Get help from other contributes of the page. Working in groups is encouraged by Islam. Indeeed… we as Muslims.. Still, we behave as ignorant. We do these things so easily that r actually forbidden in our Deen. I really appreciate people or groups like you.. A proper guidance is required..

Good information and its clear. Islam is actually a very beutiful religious and really teach human to the best ways present n future…. The Islam concept of these things is really beautiful and make you love to be muslim even more and more ….

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But I wish that our community would understand this too. Alhamdulillah am going through the same fitna with my wife after 14years with her we had 4 beutyfull children. When she was going college and get to meet other peolewho enfluence her to come out of our marriage and fall in love with a divorcey whom had a daughter who my wife think she felt sorry for the little girl of 7 and ahalf years old. While these things are very important, the hijab does not guarantee a religious or pious wife at all.

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Neither does prayer as many pray out of good habit. Good character is hard to judge on outward appearance. I love a girl we r muslims. I want to marry her. I have told my parents. But she does not. Wha should i do? What if a child results from this relationship? I am not exaggerating when I say this. One only has to look around at the popular culture to note the heartbreak and illegitimate children that are a result of illicit relationships.

These relationships start somewhere and that somewhere is often what seems like an innocent, casual date.

Can We Date in Islam?

Please protect your deen and stop dating. Pray to Allah to send you someone who will benefit you. And involve your family. All men think about other women. It just means that all straight men do, at some point in their lives, consider having another woman i.

The best way to combat these thoughts are to apply the advice given in the first three secrets:.

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Sometimes we screw it up and forget our anniversary. But we really would prefer to remember because we know it would make you happy. So when your husband buys you a gift, accept it, rejoice over it, thank him profusely, and use it as often as possible. You can nudge him to make him better. This takes deliberate words, a soft touch, and careful action.

No one likes to be preached to. The reward that comes with living with a righteous husband. And the reward in the next life for encouraging your husband to the truth. Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience. Chapter , Verse 3 7. Of course, we are supposed to emulate him pbuh as much as we can.

And for most of us, we are doing the best we can. Most men live for their ego. Real men are people their wife and children can count on. No man has ever risen to the real stature of spiritual manhood until he learns that Allah has given him superiority in physical strength and financial means to serve his family.

If men really want to earn the respect of their family, they must drop the cocky act. Any man who constantly demands compliments and praises for every little thing he does is harbouring deep insecurities with respect to his self esteem. Deep down he is unsure of his worth so he wants his wife and children to big him up.

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This only amplifies his hunger for power over her. He assumes he is more worthy than his wife. He becomes extremely narcissistic. The result, she must pay homage to the god of his respect everyday or suffer being emotionally bullied or worst slapped around. He tells her she is an incompetent wife and she feels bad about herself. If there is one thing I have learned is that a trait of a truly respectful man is humility. Humility is difficult for men. I encourage Muslim writers to ask men to fight their battles against groundless arrogance they assume over their wives.

Please teach men that humility is knowing their own limitations, the strength of admitting that men are not always right by the virtue of being men. Humility is the knowledge that men are not God and that their wives can have something to teach them out of generosity and not contempt. The wives are not the enemy when they do not listen to their husbands. Wives have feelings and emotions that the husband are not appreciating.

Without humility it is impossible for the husbands to feel and express gratitude, appreciation, hope, or empathy for their wives. It is very hard to show undying support to a man who has a hard time keeping his gaze down when he constantly polices his wife to put on every piece of clothing available in the house before going outside. It is also very hard to be supportive of a man who cannot provide stability in the marriage — emotionally or financially.

01 _ الزواج - برنامج الفيلسوف - الموضوع الأول - الجزء 1 من 5 (marriage)

Why does our community not reprimand those men who do not make any effort to hold a steady job? Almost every learned person these days is on the pulpit telling boys with ragging hormones to tell their parents that them married. Last time I checked, the Prophet Muhammad s. Secure some financial independence. I am not trying to be bias. I understand that this article is just a nasiha for good wives about their good husbands.

We live in a world where are a growing number of men are less than able to be husbands. By only preaching the ideal, we are ignoring a majority to which these advises do not apply. For instance, the cases of domestic violence is more common among men who are seemingly more religious than non-practicing men.

I hate to say this but such classes are a breeding grounds for hypocrisy. Men attended such classes to feel good about themselves and come home and beat their wives. Omg I absolutely utterly agree with your comments.

You have done a great job explaining this. There is no-one respectful person who doest get respect…it comes from yourself, not from people around you. The first comment excplains everything so good already 2. Once my husband bought me 3 delicious gifts. One of my son broked one of these gifts. Husband got angry of wasted money…we cleand the mess together and all i told him was: Everyone have sometimes harder periods, thats why we are couples, to help each other back to the road when one of us is falling down.