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My old married name was on the list due to its being connected to my PayPal account. The instructions were simple. All the women sat at a table, and the men moved from table to table every time a whistle was blown.

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You got a sheet to make notes about each person, and had to tick yes or no regarding seeing them again. The most striking thing about the whole process was the sheer amount of bilge you can cover with someone you have never met before — in three minutes. Wow, just three minutes to reach that conclusion; speed dating is efficient! By date 21 I was fully dated out. Luckily that date was Dan so we compared notes on how it had gone then I went to the bathroom and he went to the bar. From inside the cubicle I could hear two girls discussing Dan and how nice they thought he was.

Research on speed dating examines what makes couples 'click' in four minutes

A couple of days later we both received an email to say if we had any matches. I had one, which considering I only ticked yes for two people was pretty good going. A mutual match means that both the girl and the guy have indicated that they would like to exchange contact details. We have two engagements and one wedding and quite a few long-term couples from speed dating and they are just the ones we know about!

Yes, just make sure that your friend has been booked in to the event and you let us know that you want to come together because not everyone who registers gets an invitation to every speed dating event.

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Only guests who are sent a unique payment link from our organisers and who have pre-paid will be on the guest list. Unfortunately anyone else will not be able to take part. We have lovely, friendly, hosts to chat to participants before, during and after the event to make everyone feel welcome. As soon as everyone has arrived we ask everyone to take their seats and the speed dating begins.

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We try very hard to achieve a mix of different people; they may or may not be JJunction members. They may be active in the community or not affiliated at all. The thing all guests have in common is that they are single, looking to meet someone and are open to give speed dating a go. However, she received 5 mutual matches!

There is the story of the girl who said she knew 10 of the 13 guys at her speed dating event and then had five mutual matches by the end of the night. Just click on the Register button and fill in your details. When we organise a speed dating event that is suitable for you, we will email you a personal invitation and a unique payment link.

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McFarland, a sociologist at Stanford's Graduate School of Education, and Jurafsky, a computational linguist, analyzed the conversations of heterosexual couples during speed dating encounters to find out why some people felt a sense of connection after the meeting and others didn't. Their paper, "Making the Connection: McFarland said much of the literature on social bonding points to characteristics — traits, status, attributes, motivation , experiences — as reasons why people connect.

But, he said, those explanations ignore or downplay the role of communication.


There is a great deal of uncertainty, the paper notes, about the meaning of signals we send to other people, and how that plays into forging interpersonal connections. Is it all things that are psychological or in my head or is there actually something in how we hit it off? Their analysis of nearly 1, dates found that words, indeed, do matter.

How the words are delivered, when and for how long make a difference to how people feel toward each other, and in this case, whether the men and women sensed that they "clicked" during their encounter. The four-minute date, the study found, was enough time to forge a meaningful relationship — something that seemed to go beyond looks and motivation. But female participants reported lower rates of "clicking" than men, suggesting the women are more selective and, in this particular setting, more powerful.

The participants in the study were graduate students at Stanford, and wore audio recording devices during their dates. The dates lasted four minutes each, and after they were done, the participants filled out a scorecard that, among other things, asked if he or she would like to go out on a real date with the person.

If both parties said yes, a real date was set up.

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The dates were transcribed and computer software was used to analyze the words and speech to see if any characteristics of the language corresponded to the participants' reporting of feeling a sense of connection. Women reported a sense of connection to men who used appreciative language "That's awesome" or "Good for you" and sympathy "That must be tough on you".

Women also reported clicking with male partners who interrupted them — not as a way to redirect the conversation but to demonstrate understanding and engagement, for example, by finishing a sentence or adding to it.

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  • It's just the opposite," McFarland said. So talking about the empowered party is a sensible strategy toward feeling connected.