Dating a leo man and cancer woman

However, even the most temperamental Cancer prefers peace. Like a crab, a Cancer woman can choose to hide beneath her shell when faced with conflict. Or, she can come at you with her painful pincers. Cancer also likes to assess every situation before jumping in, as this helps keep her out of trouble. Like the king of the jungle, a Leo man definitely likes to make a grand entrance. He can be viewed as arrogant by others, but this usually changes once you get to know him.

Cancer Woman dating Clingy Leo Man

The Beauty of their Shared Values. Although Cancer women and Leo men seem to have opposite personalities, they actually have much more in common, making them quite compatible. They both value friends and family, they are both extremely loyal, and they help bring out the best in each other. One of the best things about Cancer is her ability to care for her loved ones. As a friend, partner or mother, she is one of the most nurturing signs of the zodiac.

In any relationship dynamic, she is definitely the caregiver. Like Cancer, Leo places a high priority in taking care of his loved ones.

Leo Man And Cancer Woman Compatibility

If a relationship leads to marriage and children, he will go out of his way to protect his pride, and his sense of duty knows no bounds. Cancer is also very intuitive and can usually read verbal and non-verbal cues. Talk to a love and relationship psychic for additional insights. Cancer and Leo in Love. Romance and chivalry is key. Adjectives such as generous, epicurean, baronial, passionate, wishful, protective, and affectionate describe him best. He has the vigor to achieve greatness in life.

When it comes to his love life, he wishes to be with someone who can complement his exuberant way of living, and give him the assurance and boost to grow in his ambitions and desires. He belongs to the fixed fire sign, which means that it is difficult to change his perception in life, and he is someone who cannot be dominated.

Being a fixed sign, he needs a woman who doesn't try to control or manipulate him, but be the inspiring lover and an understanding confidante he needs. The bottom line is that he needs a woman that is the epitome of femininity as he is for masculinity. A Cancer woman is this caring, devoted, shy, thoughtful, compassionate, tolerant, delicate, and loving person who will give her all to the one she loves.

She has a great sense of humor and is quite alert when it comes to her surroundings. She needs a man who can ease her worries, put an end to all her fears, and give her the security she needs in life. She will not tolerate disloyalty or instability. She is someone who will respect her mate and would expect the same from him. Any form of insults, criticism, indifference, or arrogance will be enough to compel her to confide herself within a shell. Therefore, her man should give her the respect, love, security, and loyalty which she craves for. He is the sort who hogs the limelight wherever he goes, unlike her, who would be somewhere away from the significant crowd, perhaps in the company of her close friends or a favorite book.

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She will get attracted to the flamboyant-yet-gentle demeanor of the Leo man, while he may find the innocent charm of her femininity quite fascinating. He sees her as the damsel in distress, a tender beauty who needs a knight in shining armor to come to her rescue. Or, perhaps her different way of seeing life along with her bright and funny attitude is what charms him towards her.

Cancer and Leo - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

Quite a lot of things actually, if they wish to make it work! The one basic driving force that can keep these two going on is that they can learn a lot from each other.

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Or to say, that each of them have what the other lacks, and each of them can impart their positive qualities into the other. For instance, the Cancer woman can teach her lover to be a tad more tolerant and patient, while he can teach his mate to be more confident and outgoing. It wouldn't be wrong to say that these two can bring about the missing balance in each other's life.

She lets his love take control of things, while she silently follows his lead and bestows love and admiration to him in lieu of his affection. He respects her and appreciates her thoughtful, tender, and compassionate way of loving. She is a great listener and patiently gives her attention to what he has to say. She becomes the person he can confide to, when he comes to his dreams and ambitions, for she can be quite understanding. He, on the other hand, is truly the knight in shining armor who treats his love like a queen, bestowing her with all sorts of refinements that life has to offer, and he makes sure that he works hard to get the best for himself and those who are dear to him.

He becomes this protector who has the power to keep her safe from all the troubles in the world, and she appreciates it with all her heart. This balance is also seen when it comes to their sexual compatibility, as well. The gentle, slow, and tender loving ways of a Cancer woman helps release the blazing passion and aggression that resides within the Leo man. Both take delight in their different approaches towards lovemaking, and in the process, find supernal bliss in each other's arms.

The Leo man's ego, indifference, criticism; and the Cancer woman's mood swings, insecurities, and possessiveness.

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  • If we pay attention to the effects of this relationship on the Leo man, he will either soar high with her by his side, or will sulk within, being unable to light up his true flame to acquire success. She, on the other hand, will either be a gentle, shy, caring, and patient lover, or she would make both their lives miserable due to her inner fear of being left out and rejected that may arise out of her insecurities.

    You see, the Cancer woman fears to be left out and rejected, and she can see this fear coming closer and closer when the Leo man's need to stay in the limelight in the social circle overpowers his desire to be next to his love. Yes, there can be times when this lion may knowingly or unknowingly neglect the crab, making her feel as if she is not good enough for him, or perhaps he has found someone better than her.

    What she does next to save her relationship only ends up securing the end of it all. She might get possessive, jealous, and cut out from the social life of her partner. Her constant nagging will irritate the lion, and he will roar out loud delivering criticism and indifference her way. The Cancer woman is a cardinal water sign, which means that she likes to channelize things and take initiation in her life.

    If she finds the Leo man to be inefficient when it comes to handling finances, she might try to take charge of that area while the Leo man would be forced to take a backseat. He will either rebel or reluctantly comply, both being disastrous for the relationship. The crab must understand that this lion is the king of his life, he will gladly let you be the queen, but he has to be the one in control.

    She must stick to being the gentle and caring confidante, and make the lion understand with love.

    Cancer & Leo // Compatibility

    On, the other hand, the lion must understand that this water sign is likely to experience mood swings, and he must deal with them patiently, not with an indifferent attitude and criticism. Neither should try to control the other and respect each other's individuality, in fact, that was the very thing that pulled these two towards each other!

    Leo Man And Cancer Woman: Nature Of Bonding

    Either of them should not impose too much of their dominance on the other. The lion must get his space when he needs it, and the crab must get the respect and care that her sensitivity requires. As we said earlier, think of each other as teachers. While she can learn to be more open, socially and emotionally, he can learn to be more thoughtful. He loves to receive while she loves to give, provided she gets her due share of return as well, which is not a difficult task for the Leo man for his quite mawkishly lovesome himself.