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But what is the etiquette behind dating and flowers? When should you give flowers? Which flowers should you give? What flower colors are best to convey what you are thinking? Read on to find the answers!

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The answer to this question will vary depending on the couple and the date. Sometimes, picking your sweetheart up at her door for the first date with a bouquet in hand is a great way to make things special. Sometimes, it comes across as too formal or old fashioned. So which is it for you?

Sending Flowers 101

You need to think about your relationship to find the answer. If you met someone recently and asked them out—or if you are going on a blind date—then you might want to hold the flowers for a date or two to avoid coming on strong.

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You should also consider the formality of the occasion. For less formal or less well-acquainted couples, the third date is the perfect time to spring the bouquet surprise. If you and your significant other get in a fight, you might also send a bouquet of flowers to say sorry.

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You've decided to up your game and say I love you with a bunch of flowers. You've picked out the most romantic ones too. Do you need to consider anything else?

How To Choose Valentine's Day Flowers For Every Type Of Relationship

Well, yes, according to the survey. The Victorians would be proud. Floriography, or the love language of flowers, has been practiced throughout history, but it was during the mid 19 th Century that it really became widespread.

The Ins and Outs of Sending Flowers

Indeed, it would seem that for nearly half of men and for around 2-in-5 women, this Victorian craze still carries resonance. So, what does the love language of flowers have to say about the top 10 flowers above?

Whether you believe in floriography or not, there are certain occasions that simply demand flowers, right? For men however, the divide is not so clear cut: Interestingly, this is not the first time gardeners have seen their hobby deemed attractive: If you have questions about this survey, or if you want to know more about romantic flowers, then let us know!

You can comment below or get in touch by email: All statistics from EliteSingles' 'Flowers and Dating' study, Flower meanings from http: She loves books, travelling, and discovering new date ideas.

Dating and Flowers - A Comprehensive Guide by Ode à la Rose

If you've got a dating tip to share, you can follow her on Twitter. With spring finally in full swing, and gardens around the nation starting to bloom, our latest dating survey surveyed EliteSingles members to find out the facts about flowers and love. Celebrating the botanical side of romance Flowers and love are a perennial paring.