Hardline matchmaking failed

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Nov 8, In a tech level the game is fine, but the art is terrible. It doesn't look like a WW2 setting.

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  • Battlefield Hardline "Matchmaking Failed" Error on PS4 Solved | Battlefield: Hardline.

I'm so disappointed with the visuals. It completely lacks the amazing and beautiful WW2 feeling. Dice did an amazing job with the art in BF1. But in V they shit the bed. Does anyone know if they confirmed server browser in the final game?

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You need to reply to this in order to see this content. Oct 29, Hong Kong Hermit Member. Nov 2, I'm going to wait for the final product to judge the customisation stuff, which is my only worry TBH. I loved that in BF1 the four classes had a distinct and unique silhouette.

Big backpacks and hipfired LMGs for the supports, pair of crutches on the back for the medic etc, and that style was maintained across all the various uniforms for the different factions. Sometimes less is more, you dig? How does one get an alpha code?

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What a weird post, do you know what Norway looks like? It's in the alpha, it's just stupidly hidden as a little icon on the bottom right of the tile. It's not the Norway part, something in the game just feels off. Like they were cosplaying WW2, if you know what I mean. Won't matter much to me, but I can understand why some people have difficulties coping with it.

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  • Battlefield Hardline "Matchmaking Failed" Error on PS4 Solved.
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It feels like they wanted to make Bad Company 3 but bailed halfway through. While aesthetically everything about gear soldiers wear is era accurate and authentic it does bothers me little how clowncar-ish combinations they are doing with them. There is zero unit uniform cohesion, it's just random 32 soldiers doing their own thing and not part of unified company or so. Also Summer gear in winter setting is little funny I know it happened during war because of supply shortages, but videa games.

How long is alpha? Yeah I'm not a fan of the outfit incoherency. The assets are all authentic and still look really good, but unit and class coherency are gone. People with hands on, how are you feeling about state of spotting? Flares give you real time 2D spotting to minimap and aiming at targets puts 3D Dorito over enemies. Flare spotting is shared to everyone, but 3D Doritos from your own aiming are just for you.

These both contradicts talk from developers how they want people to use their own eyes to read environment and spot enemies, and not to play by staring at minimap and HUD for doritos to shoot at. Should this current implementation of 2D and 3D spotting stay as is or be tuned more into line of what devs have been talking about?

Here is two examples of what I'm talking about when it comes to 3D spotting. Also not a fan of the outfit in coherency. Not a fan of some of the voice lines either, The "Allo ol friend" is bad.

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I think they need to buff MG 34, It's very inconsistent on medium to long range. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Matchmaking failed by Kelvinc Zombies Games Plants vs.

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Tapped Out The Simpsons: February I can't get into multiplayer team death match server. Message 1 of 4 Views. Keep me posted on your progress. Message 2 of 4 Views. This is exactly why i can't enjoy battlefield V.

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Ey Battlefield fix this bullshit! Battlefield Company Coin still not fixed PS4. Battlefield fix the kill cam BS. No one wanted it. Company coins still not working for me on xbox Battlefield. Home Battlefield Outage Map. Is Battlefield Down Right Now?

Battlefield Hardline PS4 matchmaking failed error due to beta servers reaching max capacity

See if Battlefield is down or having service issues today. Not Working For Me! Outage History Nov Dec Jan 12 15 8 17 20 13 11 16 6 12 6 12 37 11 17 22 16 27 39 16 22 40 42 59 25 54 52 38 37 33 22 43 30 33 39 35 39 59 41 68 58 41 45 52 35 32 38 34 37 21 25 26 26 25 33 62 48 46 30 35 21 34 27 33 24 23 19 17 16 18 19 24 15 26 20 34 21 Recent Outages Dec 21, 38 reports Dec 12, 69 reports Dec 5, 97 reports Nov 18, 61 reports Nov 5, reports Nov 1, reports Oct 23, 99 reports Oct 14, reports Oct 3, reports Sep 26, 50 reports.

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