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In Ho looks sad that she is happy despite all the challenges. In Ho says nothing and Da Jung says bye and walks away. Joon Ki comes home and Yoon Hee is waiting for him with vitamins. She tries to ask where he went last night and why he was home early?

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Yoon Hee and her cronies call Da Jung out and act all friendly so they can get Da Jung to convince the Prime Minister to forget about last night. Da Jung wants to know why they were at the hotel and one crony accidentally slips up that Yoon Hee suspected Joon Ki of being at the hotel and having an affair with Hye Joo. Da Jung says Hye Joo is so beautiful and accomplished she would never fall for a married man.

Da Jung tries to explain its a misunderstanding but then Yoon Hee feels like Da Jung is insulting her for being suspicious for no reason. Yul is thinking back to his conversation with Joon Ki where he tried to warn him to stay away from Da Jung. That pisses off Joon Ki even more that Yul is so protective of her. Hye Joo asks Yul if he wants to handle Joon Ki directly? Hye Joo hands Yul the marriage registration and tells him to register it lest Joon Ki find more evidence to use against him.

Da Jung confirms nothing is going on and tells Hye Joo to be careful. Yul comes home from work and sees Da Jung piggybacking a sleeping Man Se. They put the boy to bed and we see his room is littered in stuffed frogs. Da Jung thanks him for the help and then asks how his homework is coming along? Yul pauses and looks at her before saying the homework is fine since he has an answer. She compliments Yul on his quick thinking at the hotel and then asks if he remembers that this Saturday is the real th day anniversary of their wedding.

Yul appears to want to say something to Da Jung but decides to save it for later. Go register it, dude! Hee Chul then warns her to be on the look out for Yoon Hee and her cronies. Da Jung threatens to call Yul here so they quickly change their tune and get ready to bake goods and do whatever else is needed. Da Jung calls Yul who hears that not a single frog has been sold. Da Jung sounds very down and Yul asks if she wants him to go help. That gets her spirit up and she vows to sell it all. In Ho is being all mopey thinking about Da Jung wanting them to be friends like they used to be.

The charity auction is over and Da Jung sold nothing. Hee Chul is mad on her behalf but the editor tells her that she picked the wrong product to auction off with all the rich ladies. Turns out Yoon Hee sabotaged Da Jung by ordering all the rich ladies to purposely not buy the frogs. They notice Da Jung leaving with her bag of frogs and purposely bump into her and cause her bag to tip over and all the frogs to fall out. She apologizes for asking the wives to do something not suited for them but she also thinks a brand name auction is also not suited for them.

The wives leave and Da Jung goes to pick the frogs up in the rain. In Ho arrives and looks at her sadly and walks over to shield her from the rain. He hands her the umbrella and kneels down to pick up the frogs for her.

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Yul sits at home and looks at restaurants for the th day celebration. In Ho takes Da Jung to Subway and orders a giant sandwich for her. It cheers her up to see such a big sandwich which she thinks Man Se would love. In Ho now regrets confessing because then they could have stayed friends. Da Jung asks again if its not possible for them to go back to being friends?

In Ho teases that his heart may not be constant until then either. Da Jung gets a call that all her frogs have been sold. Of course its her hubby using a fake name to buy all the frogs which his driver has brought home. The frogs will be washed and then donated to a charity. Man Se comes and calls his dad out to eat a sandwich. After the kids get their sandwich they run off to eat it and Yul points out that Da Jung is in a great mood.

She reveals that all her frogs ended up being sold to some person. Da Jung is thrilled and reminds him that it has to be something expensive. Hye Joo is reading news about netizen buzz on the port construction.

Joon Ki comes by and Hye Joo is all friendly, calling him sunbae and going to sit down next to him. She reminds him that they used to chat like this back in school. Joon Ki wonders what has gotten into her? Hye Joo asks if what he said still holds true, that he will stop everything if Hye Joo goes to his side? Hye Joo turns around and tells him to explain it to the person who just arrived.

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Yoon Hee is standing right there glaring at them and all three stand up for a confrontation. Joon Ki should thank Hye Joo for not making it worse and scheduling this meeting in a hotel room as well. Hye Joo walks off leaving Joon Ki fuming. Yoon Hee walks over and slaps her husband deservedly on the face and calling him a bad guy. Da Jung is daydreaming about what Yul has planned for their dinner. She dreams that he wants to thank her for what she did for his family but thinks this is not like his style. Neither is calling her out to berate her for doing things wrong.

She laughs out loud at the absurd thought that a confession might be coming. Na Ra explains Woo Ri has been to church a lot which is out of character and the two ladies decide to follow him. Turns out Na Ra wants to catch Woo Ri in the act so she can blackmail him to give her his manhwa books.

The girls enter the church and discover that Woo Ri sings in the church choir now. Na Ra notices the good looking oppa playing the piano accompaniment when Woo Ri is singing. Hye Joo hands a report to Yul about the public commentary on the port project. She asks if Yul has dinner plans tonight and Yul does. He has a lot to say to Da Jung tonight. Hye Joo nods and asks if his decision concerns Da Jung. Da Jung sits with Woo Ri and Na Ra, with the latter begging oppa to introduce her to the cute piano playing oppa.

Da Jung gets a call reminding her about dinner tonight and she goes to change and even puts on hair extensions.

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Dad wonders why In Ho has no family and hears both his parents are dead and his hyung raised him. Dad compliments his nice Kwon son-in-law who is so good to his Da Jung. He hears from the nurse that a man took him out on a walk. In Ho runs through the hospital and finds Joon Ki wheeling his hyung on a walk.

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And he is the reason In Ho is beside Yul right now? Joon Ki tells In Ho to explain everything. Da Jung and Yul are dropped off at dinner and he wonders why she has him dressed down a bit. She did it so no one can recognize him and then happily runs into the restaurant. The place is crawling with couples and dinner starts off with one guy proposing to a girl from the stage. After the proposing dude sings, the MC calls up Mr. Kwon Choong Ri Kwon Prime Minister who is here to celebrate his th day anniversary and wants to sing a song for his wife.

Over my dead body, Philip more or less says, in the kind of way that makes it clear there is no wiggle room. He later breaks the news to his son that his former school, Gordonstoun, is what made him the man he is today. If Elizabeth sniffed somewhere off camera, we did not hear it.

We have our first flashback to a young Philip — handsome, tall, pouty — and you can tell just by looking at him that this is a very different kind of kid than the one he will one day have. The best sister ever. As usual, the rich have very interesting logic when it comes to right and wrong and individual choices. Hahn is still there and is happy to see him.

Philip is beaming as he booms out a cheery halllooo to the boys, and takes a deep, satisfied breath that the school is still so gray and cold.

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On the first night Charles discovers the bed by the window is actually the worst as he gets rained on all night and snapped at by the boys when he tries to stay dry. Charles may not have inherited this streak.

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But why can't anyone name the original song title?!?! It's driving me crazy!!!