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The animation often appears to have a cartoon style due to the nature of the content, though some Flash creations can be quite sophisticated and realistic. A sound track which may contain speech or music usually accompanies the animation. Flash animated greeting cards can include interactivity, for example, asking the viewer to choose a picture to animate; however, most Flash E-cards are designed to convey the sentiment of the sender through simple observation.

Flash animated cards are offered today by almost all major E-card publishers and are consequently the most common format used. A number of such services exist such as Rattlebox where the user selects and customizes text on a prerecorded video, and DVCards. E-cards can now be sent to mobile devices and phones. Mobile E-cards or 'MCards' as they are more commonly known are then offered by different mobile content providers and carriers. Similar to E-cards, MCards can contain multiple pictures, music and text messages.

Also MCards are considered the cards sent via one or another mobile application. One of the first companies that created MCards is a Dutch Company called Mgreetings established in MCards can be sent from a PC in a similar way as sending E-cards. Users can go to a website online, select a card enter the recipient's mobile number, and that card will be sent to the recipient's mobile phone as an MMS.

The web-based card creation has been evolving becoming more creative. The user can create greeting cards online choosing backgrounds, drag and drop images, animations, smilies and write text that look like handwriting. The E-card may contain videos and music as well.

Flash 10 technology now enables sites to develop bespoke applications which can upload photos, manipulating them and cut out the head from it. The user can then embed it onto an animation so as to achieve a much higher level of personalization.

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Some E-cards include interactive games. The games usually contain animation and music much like other animated E-cards and have the same functionality allowing the sender to add a personal message. The greeting card metaphor was employed early in the life of the World Wide Web.

During the Christmas season, there were days when over 19, cards were sent; by late spring of over 1.

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  6. In Nov , [4] Awesome Cyber Cards and also then known as marlo. When the Internet Archive began capturing Web sites across the Internet in the fall of , it created a reservoir of information about E-card development by preserving Internet history from that time and from earlier time-marked Internet pages captured at that time.

    The Awesome Cards web pages, captured on Nov 10, and available at the Wayback Machine demonstrate its development of the cyber greeting card through the year as one drills down through its card collections. By mid, a number of sites had developed E-cards.

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    This is the first time the E-card itself could be emailed directly by the card sender to the recipient rather than having an announcement sent with a link to the card's location at the E-card site. Between Sep and Thanksgiving , [10] a paper greeting card company named Blue Mountain developed E-cards on its web site.

    Blue Mountain grew quickly by allowing visitors to create greetings for others to use. Blue Mountain further expanded when Microsoft promoted its service on its free Hotmail service. This affiliation ceased and Blue Mountain sued Microsoft in Nov for putting email card announcements from it and other E-card companies in the junk folder of its Hotmail users.

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    By , major capital was starting to flow into the Internet, beginning the dotcom boom. Several non-profit organizations offer free E-cards as a way of having a supporter introduce the organization to another individual. Sending an E-card to a given recipient invariably involves giving that recipient's email address to the E-card service — a third party. As with other third-party email services such as mailing-list companies , the operator has the chance to misuse this address.

    One example of misuse is if the E-card service sends advertisements to the recipient's address. Under anti-spam rules used by major ISPs, such advertisements would be spam, since the recipient never asked "opted in" to receive them. Data privacy laws may prohibit a business from disclosing names, email addresses, or other personal information about customers to a third party. In late June a spate of emails with the subject line "You've received a postcard from a family member!

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