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February is definitely the month of LOVE.

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Some CBSMers are busier in the fall and some in the spring. So we just decided to give 2 DNOW options. Love Lessons will be a perfect finishing touch to this series. Feel free to facebook and twitter it to your peeps!

Lesson 7: Dating—the Benefits and Dangers

I was so proud of the way my girls handled and answered the question…and how the adult leaders listened and offered biblical counsel to the girls. In other words…am I looking for my soul-mate or are there many who will fit into our marriage qualifications? Well, first I have to admit that I believe in an all-sovereign, an all-ruling, an all-reigning, an all-controlling, and an all-planning God.

On one hand, I believe the person who thinks that there is just one specifically special person for everyone will experience a lot of fear in pre-marriage relationships. The burden can ultimately be left up to feelings, emotions, mysticism, etc.

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Above all, keep your eyes on the ultimate prize: How should I date? Are you too young for dating?

Always pray about remaining pure — by yourself and with another, mature Christian friend of the same gender. Go out in groups or meet in open, public places e. Some people I know who take this seriously won't even kiss during dating — they have a fantastic relationship! Take dating as a time to practice being faithful, and develop self-control. Ask another mature Christian friend of the same gender to keep you accountable.


Do this lovingly and respectfully. What harmony is there between Christ and Belial? Now why is it so important that a Christian only dates and marries another Christian? So the right person to date if you are a Christian is someone of the opposite sex, who is a good match, but most importantly who loves the Lord Jesus.

Dating can be a good thing.

Sex and Dating Advice for Teenagers - Mark Gungor

Use the time you are single to get to know lots of different people and have a good time with them without the relationship baggage. God has got a good plan for your life — you can trust Him. One area of your life that you are called to obey Him is the area of dating or going out. What does Jesus have to say about dating?


Not a lot, or so it seems. In fact, Jesus lays down a number of principles that can be applied to the issue of dating, and what I want us to see is that: So here are three things for Christian young people to remember about dating. Can you see how this is different from what your friends, the TV, movies would say about dating? The message given by the world about dating is that: It will make you feel good.

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Joshua Harris has said that: Dating done right is a good thing at the wrong time is a wrong thing. So when is the right time to date? Also, there are lots of benefits of not going out with someone.

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