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Jones allegedly became involved with one of her year-old former students. Jones ultimately admitted to an abuse charge. Her reasoning for engaging in the illegal relationship was said to be to get her own reality show. Howard was drafted by the Orlando Magic in and played with them until The pair definitely did not get along at all after that. Their relationship was called one of the nastiest celebrity feuds of all time. Howard and Reed have had several battles in court and have publicly slandered each other.

The pair apparently made amends in , but just a year later Reed was on social media blasting Howard, once again. Kelsi Reich cheered for the Dallas Cowboys for five years, starting when she was just years-old in A couple of years after she started cheering professionally, she met professional football player David Nelson. Nelson was drafted to the Buffalo Bills in The pair were completely smitten, and things seemed to be going along smoothly.

However, in , the Bills were to play against the Cowboys in Dallas. Reich was faced with quite a bit of an inconvenience. She was paid to cheer for the Cowboys, but her dear boyfriend was playing, too. Nelson promised he had a great surprise for her during the game. The wide receiver made an incredible touchdown and ran back 80 yards to give Reich a big hug and hand her the touchdown ball.

She was ecstatic, but the onlookers wondered what the heck was going on! Since the marriage, Smith has transferred to the Kansas City Chiefs and the pair have two sons together. Despite the Raider vs. The pair have dedicated a lot of their free time to working with the Hope House, a Kansas City organization to prevent domestic abuse.

Stress fractures, hunger and low pay: one woman's life as an NBA cheerleader

Brooke Sorenson is one of the most legendary Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Nix made his big debut for major league baseball in after being drafted by the Texas Rangers in After her retirement, she choreographed for the Miami Dolphins cheer team for a few years.

Camille Kostek was a cheerleader for the New England Patriots for a couple of years, leaving them in Kostek may not have, though. They may have rekindled their romance, but it still remains nothing official. She soon started getting accused of rooting for the wrong team, even though Howard played in a different sport altogether.

Campbell got caught missing several mandatory cheer practices to spend time with Howard. However, Campbell managed to escape punishment from her coach since she was not out partying; Howard suffered a major ankle injury and Campbell was helping him settle back at home. Eagles cheerleaders are only allowed to miss practices for serious reasons, like being sick. Many speculated Campbell was skating on thin ice with her cheer team and faced being cut indefinitely.

Campbell eventually parted ways with the Eagles and stood by her partner. The two were married in and now have two kids together. Oglevee was fired from the Redskins cheer team once news spread about her dating the football player. Oglevee lost her job, but gained a big shot football star with a huge contract. Cooley and Oglevee became married in and loved to share all the details about their lives together, even the most private ones.

It seemed like the perfect fairytale, but even fairytales have unhappy endings. The admired couple filed for divorce in for reasons unknown, because they finally decided to keep some things private.

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Ann Lux former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and Will Middlebrooks current Philadelphia Phillies third baseman knew each other since they were just years-old. Lux retired from cheerleading in to marry Middlebrooks and dedicate her life toward being a MLB wife. At the time, Middlebrooks played for the Boston Red Sox. However, she may have quit for no reason because Lux and Middlebrooks split before ever getting married. The pair broke the news to the public by quietly unfollowing each other on Twitter and Lux was spotted without the engagement ring.

Long no longer plays a professional sport; he is now a real estate agent in Tennessee. They seemed to be a wonderful couple, but once Pence got traded over to the Phillies, he broke up with Slott a few weeks later. Slott remained a loyal Astros fan, even after the sad break up. She let her emotions toward her ex-boyfriend really show all over Twitter during a Phillies vs. Slott live tweeted along with the game, suggesting she wished Pence would get hit with the ball straight in his manhood.

Kuchar joined the Cowboys cheer squad when she was years-old and stayed with them for two seasons. Being a cheerleader on one of the highest-honored NFL cheer teams got Kuchar many other opportunities. She was in a movie, a couple of television shows and became Miss Daytona Beach Kuchar and Greinke were always close, even before they were married. Greinke was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and almost left baseball for good, but Kuchar kept him calm and helped him overcome his anxieties.

The pair became married in and gave Kuchar gave birth to a little girl in Aside from cheering, she also spent some time as a Dallas Mavericks dancer. In , Kandi met professional golfer Hunter Mahan and less than six months later, he popped the question. The two were married in and Kandi began cheering for a different sport, golf. She accompanied Hunter on his PGA tours and supported all his endeavours.

Kandi and Hunter share two children together, while Hunter continues playing golf. The pair met at a charity event and Laurie had no idea he was a football player. At the time, Matt had only started in two games the entire first three seasons he played for the Falcons.

Matt was traded to the Houston Texans in and he and Laurie were married in Together they share three children and raise lots of money for sick children with their GR8 Hope Foundation. Laurie is also on the board for the Make-A-Wish foundation in Houston. In , the pair were unfortunately surrounded by quite a bit of drama. Desperately trying to keep their relationship a secret, a gossip columnist spotted the two out together and did some digging on Klassen, discovering she was a Broncos cheerleader.

Plummer worried Klassen would be harassed if people knew they were dating. Plummer was traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but then retired and married Klassen in Other rumours plagued the couple even after he left Denver, with some accusing her of getting pregnant to trap Plummer. They powered through all the drama and remain married to this day. We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line with your interests.

We respect your privacy and we are committed to safeguarding your privacy while online at our site. The following discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices for this Web site. At the time, both the Pelicans and Saints were owned by late billionaire Tom Benson. Though the Bucks settled with Herington, she does not believe the team made any amendments to their policies as a result of her suit.

She cited a juniors camp, as an example of the way she and her team-mates brought in revenue for her own team, the Bucs. Pierre-Val was not paid for the eight-hour days she worked as an instructor at the camp. Teams often make dancers feel worthless. You can be fired. Both Pierre-Val and Herington reported that over the course of their suits, women who originally wanted to act as co-plaintiffs dropped out over fear of publicly addressing their grievances. Just as individual cheerleaders are led to believe firmly in their own irrelevance, so too, are dance teams threatened with the specter of annihilation.

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Accusations of the uselessness of cheerleaders come at a time when the sport has recently attained provisional approval for inclusion in the Olympic games. In popular culture, dancers are increasingly recognized for their athletic merits. Cheerleading requires intensive exercise and mental acuity.

Professional dancers in unions, who perform for audiences of this size or smaller, bring home exponentially higher salaries than their cheerleading counterparts. In order for cheerleaders to work in a safe environment, and to earn what truly amounts to fair pay, the women will have to organize. While Blackwell says she would be happy to help cheerleaders unionize, she does not foresee that happening in the near future, while the athletes remain in an insular, fear-based culture.

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For the time being, Blackwell is focusing her efforts on her individual cases against teams, as well as where she sees the solution: She believes that coming to an agreement about changes is necessary for the protection of her clients, but also for the NFL and its teams.