Dating a boy with acne

Piercings weird me out enough for me not to want to kiss or touch somewhere there, so dating someone for having a face plastered with spots and likely red all over would be a method of keeping me away.

Does Acne Matter? (What Girls Really Want)

On that note, I also hate freckles. I'm sure the girl is lovely. Maybe if I didn't have a girlfriend now I would say 'yeah, I'd date her if we had things in common' but I doubt it.

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I'm generally neutral to most things so long as they don't conflict with my opinions, such as me hating makeup, but most of the time problems people think they have wouldn't bother me. If your face was plastered, to the point where it had turned red and up close you can see many yellow spots, then I would be creeped out.

If it was one or two, or small clusters here and there, I wouldn't have a problem.

Would you girls date a guy with severe acne?

Regardless, I've voted A. It's how I feel.

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  5. Acne sucks we all know that, you feel ashamed of yourself, you can't look at people's eyes and ugh it's hard, I know. In two weeks, three, or even months, but it will trust me. It just depends on your skin. Retin-a is the best thing that has ever happened to my skin.

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    • Would you girls date a guy with severe acne? - GirlsAskGuys;
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    I started retin-A 0. I was so confident and happy with my clear skin. The website I buy it from is https: As far as I know this code can be used as many times as you want. You can find many reviews for Retin-A here: Could you post a picture?

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    Acne could mean a few pimples There's a wide spectrum of possibilities. Since you're a girl I have pics on my profile but I asked anon for a reason. I could just add you. I can always tell how pretty a girl is even if she has acne. And a lot of girls wear make up to hide their acne but the fact that you're not covering it up shows you're not afraid to be natural. For some reason, the best product for me was washing my face with cold water whenever I wash my hands.

    My face is clear almost all the time. Also, especially before I go sleep. Also, I have better things to care about. I wouldn't mind too much.

    Guys, would you date a pretty girl with lots of acne on her face?

    I have a bit of achne on my face too but I still get told I'm pretty all the timee. I wear lots of cover up. Blend it in with your skin so there's no red marks and stuff. Is it really that much of a turn off for you girls? I mean I've tried everything from having sex, eating healthy, plenty of water, exercise, sleep, been to dermatologist medications pills and creams , but nothing seems to work!

    I hate it when girls judge and stare and say something, because I didn't ask to have it. For women its easy Because they just cover it up with makeup but Its not so easy for a guy, Only girls I can get are the ones who knew me before I had acne Because they don't judge, I'm a nice guy, funny, intelligent, and have a nice body, but if I go to the mall or a party all the girls judge me Because of my acne before they even get to know me. Can you guys recommend me a good cleanser to wash my face in the mornings? Any topical gels you guys have used that work real good?

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    Like Retin-a or something? What should I do to rid myself of this loneliness that I'm feeling? What motivated you to change this year? If I pee clear non yellowish piss, does it mean I'm basically peeing water?

    Guys, would you date a pretty girl with lots of acne on her face? - GirlsAskGuys

    Can I use that pee just like water? What Girls Said 5. My first crush was on a guy with severe cystic acne, who all my friends said was ugly. What Guys Said 0. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Select as Most Helpful Opinion?