Woohyun and hyosung dating

Its her face, she can do all she wants. But I want the old Hyosung back: Is that what she actually said? If it is then it's the MC trying to stir up something. Of course she should say she's confident in her body. Based on the few comments I could understand, no one seemed to take it seriously.

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And here's a video of Jieun getting accused of dating Woohyun. Sunhwa got mad and defended her: She just has a bunch of haters, some are jealous women, some are jealous fangirls of boyband, some are jealous fangirls of Gain and Yewon, one of them is Netizenbuzz. Tbh even her ilber issue is blown out of proportion, and the double standard is real. People forget about other more serious ilbe scandals so fast, but with her, only a single word that people use sometimes on DC it gets dragged forever.

[NB] Hyosung reveals idols hit on one another through DMs

That is why in comment section of her articles, there are always comments saying "you women are jealous of her" or sth like "I am a woman and I envy her" because that is exactly what happens That hair colour doesn't seem to suit her! And are her breasts that big? Isn't it mostly padding and push-up bras? Then again, I think truly busty is a D cup and upwards And she works out like crazy, and working out chest does wonders if you already have boobs.

Hyosung literally jumped when the MC asked her "So you mean you have been dating in hiding till now" she totally freaked out so she said "what do you mean?

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I have not dated since debut but i have been in some kinds of relationship and ended it" obviously she lied but since she said it she was afraid to be called out for lying when she got caught so she said it like that. As a fan of her, I believe she has been in a serious relationship for the past 2 years from all the signs fans have spotted, but then mayb we are wrong. Upton's shape isn't good enough for a swimsuit model IMO.

Must be nepotism at work, cause she's an extreme apple. It's hypocritical to complain about Hyosung being dragged by other women but still try to pit her against other women. I don't get why fans try to turn this into a competition when idols themselves get annoyed with these comparisons. Plenty of these girls are friendly with each other in real life, and would hate it if some horny fanboy or obsessive fangirl tries to bash the other.

So dream on, your unnie won't like you. Can I have an opinion or not? In my mind, i can totally compare duh.

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I never said her body is ugly or her body is not good as a statement. This comment pissed me off so much, like just because guys are hitting on her, doesn't mean she has to or wants to date any of them. If I had the choice Hyosung every day of the week. Gain is too gossamery. The public love scrutinizing everything about women and let men get away with everything. Why is no one asking why the MC tried to instigate. People used to love her body. But now that she's on their shitlist, they'll call it terrible even though it is anything but.

NA are the real daebak Damn. The Canadian Koreans must be genetically blessed or something. I have absolutely no clue what that is supposed to mean. Funny how when a woman gets hate, people are quick to dismiss the criticism as jealousy from irrational women, but when a man gets hate Heechul, Sungjong , no one ever believes some of that criticism comes from men.

I agree she has a great body but better than Ga In or Yewon LOL It could be true that she had no dating experience since her debut They are also extremely sensitive. You could say something and they take it way out of context. Nana has gained muscles on her thighs now.

[eng] 전효성 Secret Hyosung Lee Jun Ki Couple cut (full show in desc)

She looks much different than those pics from Hyosung stop losing weight every time you come back, then you really would have the best body. I think it's the outfits she's been wearing lately that make her look boxier also, I think her boobs got bigger? Sometimes I get too confused with the letters they used that I just give up reading it altogether.

Lol so it's not really a surprise that I've actually never heard or read this rumour mill. I was surprised that she was even a model, her hips are non existent considering she's a swim suit model. How did she do on that 1 vs game show btw? Did anyone here watch that broadcast? I really don't think she dragged Yewon or Gain based on the translations. She simply said her own opinion that she thinks she has a better body. Hyosung didn't make rude remarks or insults to the other women. Yes, that's strawberry blonde. They are so harsh on body proportions and what is skinny and what is thick.

I thought it was bad here in America but this is new level shit considering the girls they tear apart would be considered bones in US. You guys who blatantly said she shouldn't dragged Gain or Yewon into it, the MC was the one who asked her. Please stop making yourself look like a dimwit who just jumpped onto the hatewagon and do yourself a favour please -- go freaking watch the show. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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Lisa is the 1 most followed female K-Pop star on Instagram. She looses her faith in flying, but finds a reason to fly again to make her father proud. Kim Yoon Sung was Han Da Jin's fathers student and became a pilot under his studies, but after he tragically causes Han Da Jin's mother to die on the flight from Korea to San Francisco he loses faith in flying as well. Kim Yoon Sung finds his desire to fly again and turns out to be a successful captain. Han Da Jin and Kim Yoon Sung start to work together as captain and co-pilot, but Han Da Jin's way to become a successful captain is not guaranteed as Kim Yoon Sung wants to teach her the basics from the start.

He is great in acting and find really handsome: Girls, each person has his own opinions. To me, Park Yoo-hwan is an awful actor and he's not that good-looking. GHS i dont know I never liked her character in BOF.. That shin se kyung one is making me laugh and I wouldnt be surprised if it was true. Great article I love gossip and rumors tbh, keeps things intresting. Once you are serious about this, take into account that you are not looking at straight up and down movement.

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INFINITE Woohyun accused of dating this non-celeb girl

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