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Cut to , his platform is the go-to place for those who wish to find the perfect match, in line with their requirements of their cultural fit and beyond those lines.

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The use of technology had enlarged the possible number of matches for his clientele and made the process less time consuming and self reliant. The website is valued at Rs 2. Shagun TV , a Hindi language channel was launched in that was dedicated to matchmaking and wedding businesses. When channel head Anuranjan Jha was asked in an interview as to why television was the chosen medium, he was vocal about how matchmaking was never discreet and there was no pint being shy about it.

Needless to say, the channel found 10 million in viewership on a weekly business. Although not arranged in the traditional sense, it still is a sort of an arrangement. At the end of the day, both involve two strangers meeting to arrive at the decision of being together or not, which may not necessarily mean marriage.

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So what really pushes people to subject themselves to the scrutiny of a complete stranger- is it curiosity, a genuine effort towards finding profound love, peer pressure or sheer desperation? Honestly, it could be any of these. The market for online dating caters not just to the young and straight. The rise of online dating users has given a new ray of hope to people of varied sexualities, age groups, races, physical disabilities , and nationalities by reiterating their faith in the fact that there truly might be someone out there for everyone.

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People are not just treating this as a casual hook up place but look at this as an opportunity to help them reinvent themselves and their relationships. Online dating has catalysed the process of global integration. People are willing to look for love beyond their social circles and venture into alliances with people from different communities.

By cutting across borders and having greater access to other communities, the rigid lines that used to separate classes and cultures are slowly being blurred.

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Finding love is not just limited to your immediate friends circle or your vicinity anymore. A little blind trust is required. European economists Josue Ortega and Philipp Hergovich carried out a research in response to the rise of online dating to find out that interracial marriages have experienced a sharp rise recently. The playground of online dating gives a chance to people of different ethnicities to interact and hence leading to diverse courtships taking place.

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Their research also highlighted marriages that are the labour of online dating transition from dating to marriage quicker and are more stable as compared to those that are a result of conventional partnering. We focus on our academics and extracurricular activities and often assume that the rest will fall into place without any additional work on our part.

But that post took you, what, 30 seconds to write? With relationships, as with any other meaningful pursuits, you receive according to the effort you put into something. So if your admiration for someone is really only worth a second post, go for it. And watch absolutely nothing happen.

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In real life, there are no fairy godmothers to make your wishes come true. If you want something to work out, TALK to the object of your affections. And for the hesitant out there: The math is in your favor. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Stanford students looove validation of our efforts.


The more you can quantify your success, the better, right? Stanford students are blessed to be surrounded by a wealth of incredible people. This may sound hokey, but at the end of each Stanford tour, we tour guides close with a little one minute plug for why we love Stanford.

And my personal tilt is always the people — the amazing, world-renowned yet personable professors as well as the wildly accomplished yet friendly students.

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Your friends and classmates are awesome! Their respect and platonic love for you are truly the only validation you need. Yo Cindy, I'm real happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but Surround yourself with the one S you love. College is our last big chance to relish the freedom of friendships without the pressures of long-term commitment.

Enjoy the company and conversation of excellent friends, and leave the Prince Charming daydreams to Cinderella.