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Some of these include cap-ceng , half-breed , mesticos.

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These terms are considered pejorative. Half-castes of Malaya and other British colonies in Asia have been part of non-fiction and fictional works. Brigitte Glaser notes that the half-caste characters in literary works of the 18th through 20th century were predominantly structured with prejudice, as degenerate, low, inferior, deviant or barbaric. Ashcroft in his review considers the literary work structure as consistent with morals and values of colonial era where the colonial powers considered people from different ethnic groups as unequal by birth in their abilities, character and potential, where laws were enacted that made sexual relations and marriage between ethnic groups as illegal.

Fijian people of mixed descent were called half-caste, kailoma or vasu.

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This started with British colonialism, and over time developed into a race conscious, segregated system of society. This legacy continues to affect the ethnic and racial discourse in Fiji.

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Kailomas or vasus were children born to a Fijian native and European or indentured laborers brought in by the colonial government to work on sugarcane plantations over a century ago. Over the generations, these half-caste people experienced a harsh, shunned and a bizarre social treatment from the colonial obsession with herding citizens into separate, tidy, racial boxes, which led to the separation of Fijian mixed-bloods from their natural families. Sociological literature on South Africa, in pre-British, British colonial and Apartheid era refers to half-caste as anyone born from admixing of White and people of color.

An alternate, less common term, for half-caste was Mestizzo conceptually similar to Mestizo in Latin American colonies. Griekwa is another term for half-caste people from intermixing in South Africa and Namibia. People of mixed descent, the half-caste, were considered inferior and slaves by birth in the 19th-century hierarchically arranged, closed colonial social stratification system of South Africa.

This was the case even if the father or mother of half-caste person was a European.

British Central Africa , now part Malawi and part Zimbabwe, referred to people of mixed descent as half-castes. These unions were considered improper, mixed couples segregated and shunned, and the colonial courts ruled against mixed marriages. In today's United Kingdom, the term primarily applies to those of mixed Black and White parentage, [33] but such was not always the case.

In just about any area that fell under the crown's dominion, the term was made use of, and anyone of mixed Caucasian and conquered races could be properly described as being half-caste. The term denies the mixed race person a section of their heritage by reducing them to half of a race. Ruth Landes notes that half-castes born in Britain of colonial fathers felt rootless in the society in which they lived. Aspinall argues that the term's origins lie in 19th-century British colonial administrations, with it evolving into a descriptor of people of mixed race or ethnicity, "usually encompassing 'White'", in the 20th century.

From the s to s, he argues it was "used in Britain as a derogatory racial category associated with the moral condemnation of ' miscegenation '". Use of the term half-caste is considered offensive today. The National Union of Journalists ratified guidelines for race reporting instructs journalists to 'avoid words that, although common in the past, are now considered offensive, e. Ask people how they define themselves. Check if a person identifies as mixed-race or Black'. The term half-caste was common in British colonies, however not exclusive. Other colonial governments such as Spain devised terms for the mixed-race children.

The Spanish colonies devised a complex system of castas , consisting of Mulattoes , Mestizos , and many others. French colonies in the Caribbean referred to half-caste people as Chabine female and Chabin male. Before the American Civil War, the term mestee was common for certain people of mixed descent. Other terms in use in colonial era for half-castes included - creole, casco, cafuso, caburet, cattalo, citrange, griffe, half blood, half-bred, half-breed, high yellow, hinny, hybrid, ladino, liger, mamaluco, mixblood, mixed-blood, mongrel, mule, mustee, octoroon, plumcot, quadroon, quintroon, sambo, tangelo, xibaro.

The difference between these terms of various European colonies usually was the race , ethnicity or caste of the father and the mother. Ann Laura Stoler has published a series of reviews of half-caste people and ethnic intermixing during the colonial era of human history.

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She states that colonial control was predicated on identifying who was white and who was native, which children could become citizens of the empire while who remained the subjects of the empire, who had hereditary rights of a progeny and who did not. Mixed race sounds much better, Half caste sounds offending. This website has expired — please contact Support if this is your website guestz, me it s not about seriousness. Nairobi Sex Guide advises.


My dad said half caste the other week about a neighbours children I almost died a. So, youre clearly not being racist just need to get up to date with what words are. Love may trump hate, but it cant cure white supremacy. Sofeminine uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Where do you see anything those numbers reciprocated in another ethnic group? How many ofther ethnic groups that were enslaved and colonised refer to England as the 'motherland'?

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