Dating in the deaf community

Hanging out with deaf friends are the only times we have a normal social life. I find your post hilarious.

Dating deaf guy

I am deaf and to find that your wife is a burden to you? That says it all in your relationship. Do you even sign with her? Maybe if you learned sign language, you two would develop a better relationship. Yes, it is a challenge but to communicate with a deaf partner, sign language is always the best approach. That was cruel of him to say that. There are many ways to be supportive, affectionate and communicative without sign language and voice.

When he is away, they can email, etc. Rick, shame on you for being selfish and shallow. I read your posts it.

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I am deaf and I have a girlfriend is hearing. We been together 8 years. We always communication write paper. Because We believe in the God. We have a good life. I say good luck in relationship. Black Wizard — Glad to know that you and your girlfriend are happy communicating by writing on paper.

Not everyone would be happy with that, but if it works for you, that is great! My girlfriend janet is deaf and i hear and me text each other so we could understand each other. I felt in love with janet because she is her self around me and i love that about her.

The Challenges & Rewards to Deaf Dating | Deaf Interpreter Services

I think it better when you try very hard have that beautiful relationship with the one you love with your heart so much. I just found your website and VERY thankful to see all the wonderful posts both good and bad. I had to print everything out to re-read as many times as needed. I am hearing and just started dating a guy that is deaf born deaf, can read a little lips, and speak a little. I have 3 young boys 10,8,5 from my first marriage and he has a son 9 from a previous relationship mom was deaf, son is not.

When I met my bf, I was excited to learn more and have picked up on a lot of the signs he has taught me. In the past month that my boys have known my bf, they know the alphabet and can fingerspell. They also know some basic signs and love learning more. To them it is a game, and a game they are getting really good at.

Free dating sites for deaf singles

I admit there are times when I just shake my head or hold up my hand, but then he will try to write it out on paper. I stop him and make him go slow, because i want to learn. I have come up with a list of why I would rather have a deaf bf than a hearing one:. Also, he can feel me having problems breathing before I can notice it sometimes.

I am currently dating a HOH man.

What I Learned When I Dated a Deaf Man

He is a mechanic. When he wears them everything is fine. He does not use sign language. His sense of humor is endless. He is hardly ever serious. It has been very difficult however. He gets distracted very easily. We are extremely attracted to one another and care for each other a great deal.

I just recently got into an relationship with my boyfriend. I am hearing and my wife is deaf. We have been together for almost 7 years and have 2 beautiful hearing sons. It was tough in the beginning of our relationship just because we were young. She was 18 I was almost I learned sign from her after a few months of dating since we spent every minute together and I have picked it up really well. I even fooled some of our deaf friends when I first met them with my sign but of course they saw right through me since I sign english and not pure ASL.

My wife and I are very happy. Of course there are things that make our relationship hard. Things do get crazy for me when we are in the deaf community since it is different and not everyone signsnclean as my wife so communication gets hard with the people that sign too fast or not as clear but we make sure that we are both involved and comfortable before doing anything that would make they other mad or uncomfortable.

There is a lot to learn than just signing. The deaf culture is very different than hearing culture and that will scare or just surprise anyone not ready for it. Because of my wife, I have some of the best friends ever that are deaf and some deaf friends that are closer than my hearing friends.

I do recommend anyone willing to date a deaf or hard of hearing person but do realize the sacrifices both are giving up for each other as any relationship between two people.

Even though I am giving up using my voice to talk to my wife, she has given up much of her deaf community just to be more involved for my hearing world and sometimes that makes things hard for a relationship but every relationship has sacrifices hearing or deaf. Good luck to anyone already with someone deaf or hard of hearing I hope things turn out great.

I am encouraged that with communication and with work, these relationship can be successful. Last summer, I re-connected with a boyfriend from college. While in college, he had some hearing but is now completely deaf. He has always been able to read lips great which was how we communicated long ago.

Deaf-Hearing Relationships: Happily Ever After?

Since then, he has been married and divorced was married to a hard of hearing person while I am now widowed. First and foremost, we are friends and that has always been the case-then and now. We share the same interests, have the same goals and we have learned hard life lessons. We are both fortunate to love and are successful in our current work he is contractor now. Both of us had abusive marriages and are now very independent. Besides a solid friendship, we are both strong Christians and we believe with this foundation, anything is possible.

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We both agree that communication is important and even though, we are doing pretty good-it is frustrating at times, especially for me. I am slow but he tells me I am doing well and not be so hard on myself. I love signing and feel rewarded when our conversation flows. When a hearing person looks at me to get clarification, I now tell them to talk to him. I am so proud of how he does and I am proud to be with him.


Another thing in our favor is our age-he is 53 and I am We look at this as a second chance for us-but, we are thankful to still be friends, no matter what. I love signing and will continue to practice, study and learn. I am a strong person and I feel that I can handle the difficulties of this kind of relationship.

We have alot going for us and with patience, the possibilities are endless.