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You want someone to go out with you, expect to cover the bill — irrespective of gender. Reblogged this on Venistine Blog and commented: What James said in this blog is very truth. Woman always prepare anything before she meets him for a date. But still, only few of man who understand to consider it. Should men start going to date with ripped t shirt with jeans with holes? James, you have a true gift. You completely understand the true meaning to why a woman needs to feel as if she is respected, valued, and cherished by her man.

He can be poor living in a shack, but if he is a real man, he will climb mountains to win over her heart.. Security in seeing his actions speak louder than his charm. Paying for the meal has nothing to do with money. And I believe some men misunderstand this. This is to compliment him that he has a classy lady by his side. Then the moment the check arrives at the table…he asks to go Dutch.?! All of those beautiful words just got lost in translation..

You feel sort of humiliated and embarrassed for him as he just completely ruined the romantic moment. You feel not good enough to be treated like the classy lady he has said you are.. I agree the woman should also treat her man out once in a while too. For all of the non monetary value things she already does to be with him. Stop writing that you want established men in your on online dating profiles.

All of the bill. I bought the groceries; household things, including furniture; and paid for most of the big vacations. As far as financial contribution went, this worked for us. I felt taken care of; he felt manly. This is so sexist. Men still paying for dates because prostitution still exist. If she thinks her time is more valuable than yours, if she is expecting a payment in any form, that is prostitutiton.

This is prostitution in disguise. Why, though, if she can do it all herself […].

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I think this gets to love languages. For those women whose love language is gifts and actions, she will feel most special when the man opens the door and picks up the check. I dated a man for months who did not pick up the check and who even talked about exes. When his job moved, he wanted me to move with him. The engagement ring was small and not even a diamond.

I stayed where I am and let him move. I realized that while I kept quiet and was being my lovely self, he had fallen in love with me. Ladies, no matter what it is that bothers you, if a man if not making you happy, be strong enough to walk away. If you stay, you will just be unhappy. There are billions of men in the world. You will never meet the one who can make you happy if you spend all your time with a man who does not make you happy.

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And seriously for every man out there that thinks it is and women are horrible people and all that, ask yourself one question: Otherwise, enjoy the rest of your misogynist, miserable life alone. Men are always courting women. So lets be serious. If male inviting female to have a dinner, yes sure, he will pay. If Female inviting, than bill should be hers, ok, Ill pay my part. Regarding nails and bunch of other crap, this is already a sexism, we are here for equality? Respectful, beautiful ladies doing nails, hairs home by themselves, if she is not, that means she has an extra money for her beauty.

No one had got the rules right. The correct rule for how the bill should be done is such. In the courting phase, if the girl is interested in going on a second date and the guy offers to pay she should let him as a sign she is interested.

If she is not interested in going on further dates, she should insist to split the bill. LOL I spend little or no money when I am in the company of a woman because I have more to offer than the average man caught up in the dating swindle. I have good conversation, I look good and I dress well.

I enlighten and teach them a better way. They love me for that and if they are worthy I accept them and if they are really worthy I reward them and have sex with them. I show them how to be sexually liberated and more important I show them how to be a better woman and live a happy life and how not be a slave to the governement and corporate america plus not be caught up in believing in a phony and hypocritical morality that has been force fed to them since birth. Women are at a wage gap disadvantage, so I believe than blokes should still stiff up the cost of dinner or a drink when they can.

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You earn more than us for doing the same jobs, after […]. Please enter a valid email address.

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And this is why: Tonya Golonka on May 14, at Ash on April 23, at 4: Vin on April 23, at MikeTO on August 4, at 7: Ash on August 4, at 7: Kath on August 14, at Have fun with those sexbots, Mike. I bet you are alone and will continue to be. Get your shit together. KEvin on April 23, at 5: Until after she files for divorce that is! Cyndi on April 24, at Target on April 24, at 5: Henry on April 25, at 1: Gabbiey on April 24, at 7: Peter on April 24, at 8: Or as my ex used to always say: But I don't get how the quite understandable expectation of equality squares with the not understandable expectation that he should pay for the dinner, the movie, the hotel, the trip to London.

Now, like everything in the world, this isn't an absolute. The most generous woman I've ever had a relationship with was the one who arguably had the least money. She is simply a good person who understands shared financial burden and responsibility. By contrast, the least generous woman I was involved with had the most money. I won't go into detail, as I make it a matter of personal policy in these columns not to identify anyone. But she had a LOT of money from books, television and ex-husbands.

None of that altered the fact that her wallet was apparently super-glued to her thigh. Money, like sex and politics, is a sensitive topic in relationships.

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But like sex and politics, it shouldn't be one-sided. Both parties have a role in it if things are to go forward successfully. I'm not a cheap guy. Ask the woman I took to Venice Italy, not Florida for her birthday.

Who Should Pay On Dates?

Or the one who told me her former boyfriend had written her a monthly check and would I be willing to do the same No! Or the several who told me flat out they were looking for a guy with a "substantial retirement account" or similar sentiments. I just want to make sense out of the disconnect between wanting to be treated as equals and expecting the guy to pay. Rudder makes in his argument is that the user stats given out by Match and eHarmony don't take into account profiles people don't use anymore, or users who haven't paid and so can't receive messages.

Dating advice for men: who should pay on a date

Free sites have the same problem — probably to an even worse degree. The vast majority of the unpaid users on these paid online dating sites are not active. Just use your common sense. If the profile is half-assed and incomplete, you shouldn't be surprised when you don't get a response. Just as if it's completely filled out and they've been online recently you should presume they've shown Match the money.

Who goes through the painstaking process of completely filling out a profile and then makes the effort to log in every day when they can't even communicate with other members?