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Also, we do not disclose the names and other contact information of the members.

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Our member profiles are held private and not indexed by search engine. We have built in many user controls, so that users can decide on what and how they share. Elite members get to use the basic service totally free. In addition, every college graduate who registers gets free credits. They give everybody a chance to try out and experience the site with a strictly pay per use model beyond the free credits, so there are no expensive fees to be paid periodically.

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O is a retired executive with 35 years of work experience. Based out of India, their development team works out of Chennai. Their team comprises of 4 core team members and an 8 member development team. With , USD invested, mymitra has been self-funded till now.

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However, they too had their share of initial challenges. So challenge would be to spread the awareness of our site to more audience around the world. Media visibility would definitely be a big plus for Mymitra!

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IITians go global with online dating website - Hindustan Times. IITians go global with online dating website delhi. Though the portal was initially launched for IITians, the high demand spurred site moderators to open it. Dating site for IITians boys only ofcourse, girls can fend for themselves: P isn't a bad idea for a startup.

It will work wonders in cities like Delhi and Bombay.

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IITians go global with online dating website delhi Hindustan Times. IITians go global with online dating website. May 25, Vanita Srivastava Hindustan Times. Brand IIT is in great demand, whether it. But I don't want to marry before at least 1 yr of dating and understanding the person.

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I heard there was some site developed for girls to meet IITians. The founders said non-resident Indian students and professionals formed a significant part of the client base. The founders said the aim of the portal was to offer a platform to highly educated professionals, especially girls who found it difficult to find grooms of their choice because of the popular obsession for fair, tall and pretty brides, no matter what their educational qualifications. Founder Ajay Gupta says the eligibility criteria for opening an account is masters, management, engineering and law degrees.

Right now it is free, but we might look at a fee when we have a sufficient database," Gupta adds. Since authenticity of information is crucial for websites looking at educational standards as their differentiator, Premium Matrimony goes in for a stringent verification process.