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The top 10 finishers from both the Husky and Cougar sides will score points equal to their finishing place. Lowest team score wins! Stay tuned for packet pick up days, times and location s. Wear your college or pro sports team colors, fan gear, and running attire!

Try not to leave your fan spirit at home! Yes, strollers are welcome! Yes, dogs are welcome, on leash of course! Featured in the Damn! I wish I'd taken that!

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The cougar Puma concolor , also known as puma, mountain lion, or panther, depending on region, is a mammal of the Felidae family, native to the Americas. This large, solitary cat has the greatest range of any wild terrestrial mammal in the Western Hemisphere,[3] extending from Yukon in Canada to the southern Andes of South America. An adaptable, generalist species, the cougar is found in every major American habitat type.

It is the second heaviest cat in the American continents after the jaguar, and the fourth heaviest in the world, along with the leopard, after the tiger, lion, and jaguar, although it is most closely related to smaller felines. Lately I seem to be more and more posing as a soft, flirtatious girl This cougar was pacing back and forth for the longest time and finally settled down, looking a bit melancholy.

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AF-S VRll with visual echoes better beamer flash extender; practice at the zoo in preparation for safari. The Clark Fork river seen from the Cougar Peak lookout. This was taken in the morning when the fog hung over the river.

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In December , on the park hill Vellert, part of the new building district Zuidbroek, Apeldoorn, was the image Cage-with-no-cougar-in-it [Kooi-met-geen-poema-er-in] locally known as The Cougar [De Poema]. The artwork is 12 meters long, 9 meters tall and consists of meters steel wire.

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The whole weighs kilos. After the image was completed in a large hall, it was sawn into five parts and transported from Dordrecht to Apeldoorn. The parts have been reassembled.

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From a distance there appears to be an animal in the cage, but up-close it is an abstract artwork. In there were stories that there was a cougar wandering around on the Veluwe. This was never proven. When the newspapers are thin because of holidays and when little or nothing is to report on politics — since all politicians are on leave — one speaks of "komkommertijd" translation from dutch to english "Cucumberseason". In practice it comes down to the summer months of July and August. Axalp - www. I had the need to get a new kittie to replace Sasha, who was too sick to carry on, when I took a trip out to the desert this weekend.

The cougar Puma concolor , also known as puma, mountain lion, mountain cat, catamount or panther, depending on the region, is a mammal of the family Felidae, native to the Americas. Copyrighted and All Rights Reserved.

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Unauthorized use, copy, display, or distribution of any photographs taken by Chuck Lapinsky, is strictly prohibited. You do not have permission to use this photo in any form without the written consent of Chuck Lapinsky or Chuck Lapinsky Photography.

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Best viewed Large on Black. The fuzzy patch in the upper right is the Andromeda galaxy.

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It was an awesome experience spending the night at this fire lookout tower while capturing the stars. The view was amazing in every direction. The skies were very dark, with only a few lights in the valley to the south. Flickr Hive Mind is a data mining tool for the Flickr photography database, allowing search by: Flickr Hive Mind can also be an effective tool to identify photography with licenses that allow non-commercial and sometimes commercial use. Inspired by and thanks to Flickr Leech.

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