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2017 iDate Dating Agency Conference and PID Summit in Minsk Review & Interviews (English)

We help to get acquainted with the ladies personally , in the real life. Our office is situated in the center of Minsk and the first meeting with a lady takes place in our agency. A qualified interpreter will help you. We will be glad to make all the necessary arrangements for you: Welcome to AngelikaMinsk marriage agency. Sign up for free , check out all the profiles and try to find as many Belarusian women as possible to talk to.

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I watched it a million times. To answer that question right away: The capital is the best place to meet English-speaking women and also provides the best restaurants, hotels and entertainment opportunities. Even if you meet a girl online that is not from this region, I recommend you try to meet up with her in the capital.

It is just that much more fun! The railroads in Belarus are excellent and the landscapes are beautiful. How to get to Minsk? Traveling by plane is most popular amongst travelers.

It is located about 30 kilometers from the city centre. Other major airlines that fly into Minsk are: Hourly departures from the airport to the city center. To avoid disappointment I highly recommend you meet some girls online first, before you decide to travel to Minsk. As I only speak Russian it was a lot easier for me to talk to different people — but I still noticed that most women were a bit shy as they know their English is not that good.

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A golden tip; Go to as many social gatherings as possible — Even if it is just with females friends. It will be a lot easier to meet new people when you stay in a hostel, go on daily tours, pub-crawls and another popular one was Salsa lessons. I know what you are thinking: Salsa lessons in Belarus? What the … are you talking about?

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My experiences with girls from Minsk is based on a certain age group. The girls I dated are between 22 and 35 years old. I have no experience with more older Belarusian women. Nightlife in Minsk The nightlife in Minsk is pretty wild. There are several great bars and nightclubs that you can explore that will rock your world when it comes to girls. How does the nightgame compare to the daygame? Actually — Compared to Moscow and Kiev, I must say that both options produce great results.

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As for the nightgame, I would warm up by going to a Salsa party or a similar social gathering. This would last for a few hours between 8: Thursday — Sunday to Location: They play mostly RnB and Hip Hop, but there is also a fine dining restaurant included. Do I go there every week? But sometimes you just want a guys night-out, get wasted, dance your ass off and watch some stunning Belarusian eye-candy! Wednesday — Sunday from to Location: Nezavisimosti Avenue, 58 Official Website: Ok — good news! You have found an amazing girl and you are ready for your first date.

Of course, it is important to get your A game on and therefore I wrote down these important tips that will make her and her family fall in love with you instantly!

Family is number one Maybe the most important rule of them all. One article told about a press conference held by the Minister of Sport and Tourism. According to a state report, the article noted, approximately half of all tourists that enter Belarus stay for just one day — in transit from West to East, or back again. Most news results profiled the country in the same way, recycling the same words in different combinations: On travel websites the information trend was also predictable. It was hard to learn about life in Belarus, but easy to learn about avoiding it.

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Several forums were dedicated to the cause: Her bones are so weak. Her fingers break whenever she touches the keys. Your bones just crumbling like cookies? How do you like it here? When the accident happened on April 26, , 31 people died immediately. The nuclear power plant was near Pripyat , Ukraine, just 4 miles from the border.

On April 26th the wind was blowing north.

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Seventy percent of the radiation fallout landed in Belarus. A rumor has haunted the country since then. It lives in flaking paint chips, in the stillness of apartment block stairwells, in the hushed moments around kitchen tables. Seeding is when you inject the sky with silver iodide to induce premature rainfall. After the accident, a radioactive cloud hung over the border between Belarus and Russia.

They say the Kremlin was worried about it blowing their direction. They say it was to protect Moscow. About Advertise with us. Seven stories from an American English teacher in Minsk. Matador's growing Creators Community is the place to connect with fellow travel journalists. Download the mobile app.