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Nowadays the task is more complicated since the party is often extended over the course of a weekend abroad โ€” and an extra person to help out with the logistics could also help. Newly-married Tom Holmes, 37, of Birmingham, said: He even sang a song at the reception which was terrible. If I could do it again I'd definitely consider sharing the job out between two or three mates. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation.

Wednesday 16 January Traditional role of best man dying out as grooms seek more than one to take on role From organising the stag do to looking after the rings and giving a hilarious โ€” if not too bawdy โ€” speech, the best man has traditionally borne a weighty responsibility on a single pair of shoulders.

But new figures suggest that the role could be dying out as grooms increasingly seek to split the burden among two or even three of their closest relatives or friends. Another additional feature of the modern wedding is the increasingly popular best woman. But could a groom possibly have too many best men? Read more from Women. More from the web. At a recent wedding, the best man ended his speech with, "And when the wind blows hard and the sky is black - Ducks fly together!

My best man started with: I was maid of honor at my best friend's wedding back in March and the best man started his speech like this.

The 7 Commandments of the Best Man Speech

Luckily I made my speech first so I didn't have to follow him. A guys Great Uncle did an impromptu speech. He had had a stroke years earlier and no one could understand a fucking word he was saying. It was garbled much like his tongue was too fat to enunciate a single word. Then towards the end of his speech he pauses, says "fucking shit" makes one last "blooo bloo glob glubb mugbug" mushy mouth full of marbles sentence and sits down.

It was a scene out of a movie. Stunned silence, an awkward cough in the back, then I just start clapping, slowly at first and awkwardly, then everyone else politely joins, the looks on all of our faces is one of utter bewilderment. In regards to your edit, my mother's uncle had a stroke and was only able to speak using curse words after that.

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Apparently curse words originate from a different part of the brain than regular speech, so that might have something to do with why Old Mushmouth McGee was able to pronounce "fucking shit" so well. Yep, Automatic language like your name, address, the alphabet, counting, and of course cursing tend to be the easiest for your brain to recall and produce after a stroke. Sorry, I am a speech pathologist and I just got kind of nerdily excited to participate!

My sister and I were born 3 years apart to the day, me being the eldest. For her wedding I was asked to give a quick speech, so I thought I'd use this factoid as my opener, telling absolutely no one in advance:. One of my sisters was born 10 years after me to the day and you have just given me a great line to use.

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You have my thanks. My brother began his speech as the best man, "I'd like to make a toast Only the groom and I laughed but that's who the speech is for, anyway, right? For clarity, it was not my wedding, it was his best buddy from high school I was attending my boss's wedding. My boss, let's call him Marv, had a son named Mike that I was good friends with at the time. I was sitting at the same table as Mike at the reception.

At one point, the new bride's brother grabbed a wireless microphone, and started going from table to table. Eventually the dude arrives at our table, and sticks the microphone in my buddy Mike's face.

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Now, anyone who knows Mike which dude did not knows that he is somewhat In that he sugar-coats nothing. He speaks his mind, and doesn't care what other people think about it. Right away, several of the people around the table start shaking their heads "no" and warning dude to pick someone else. Dude with the microphone ignores the warnings and asks Mike, "Where did Marv and Mary first meet? Now, as it turns out, even though Marv and Mary were in their fifties, they had known each other over 30 years ago His first wife was Mike's mother.

Marv and Mary first met over 30 years ago. They got along together quite well, and despite the fact that Marv was married to my mother at the time, he had a six-month long affair with Mary that ended up driving my mother to drink, splitting up their relationship, and making my childhood a living hell. Stunned silence throughout the entire hall. The only sound you could hear was the chocolate fountain, bubbling and burping as everyone in the room went to great pains not to make eye contact with anyone else.

I chose this moment to be fair, I had smoked a few joints and was pretty drunk too to do my best Nelson Muntz impersonation, breaking the silence with a very loud, unmistakable "Ha ha! Mike shrugged, and said into the microphone, "What? Don't ask questions if you don't want to hear the answers" and handed the mic back to the guy. Dude sputtered for a few seconds, not sure what to say, before the DJ saved him by kicking in with the music.

My cousin who was the best man at my other cousin's wedding they were brothers said casually "I hope the worst day of your past is better than the best day of your future.


There was stunned silence for a few seconds until he realized his mistake and quickly corrected to "I hope the best day of your past is worse than the worst day of your future. I went to a wedding where the best man meant to say something along the lines of "May the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows".

Instead, he said, "I hope this is the worst day of your life". Cheered and put down the microphone. If you just change that to "I hope this is the worst day of the rest of your life" it sort of works. At my twin brother's wedding I opened with after thanking the appropriate people: He was always crowding my space and stealing my nutrients, but after we busted out of that uteran prison we were perpetual partners in crime The follow up question is whether that was a joke or she really was pregnant.

I'm assuming she was. I bartended a wedding where this was the best man's entire speech: Obviously paraphrased, this was years ago Finally, after 20 years, he finally realized who the best man is. Went to a wedding last weekend and the father of the bride came out with some pretty amazing lines. He said when the groom came to him and asked for his daughter's hand, he asked if it he could take the one that was always in his wallet. Side note, I actually moved to Bangor, Wales for 6 months right after my wedding.

We endured 6 months of that joke. Best man said "It's been said that the best man speech should only be as long as it takes for the groom to orgasm during sex. So, have a great night everybody.

Funny Wedding Toasts - #tequilatoasts - by Speechy

My brother used this line at my wedding. I wish I had his speech, the entire thing was funny. He worked on it for over six months, and let me tell you, it was worth it. I used that in my best man's speech a bit toned down though: Even the cake's in tiers Kyle was tall and very skinny The look on the bride's face was priceless.

It was halloween around the time I met my then future wife. I decided that it would be awesome to dress up like The Crow, scare the hell out of some people, and collect candy with my buddies.

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Good times were had. Prior to leaving for the night, one of my friends decides we need to take pictures. One thing led to another, and next thing I know, I'm pretending to menace a friend of mine with a kitchen knife in full makeup. Fast forward to our wedding night. My brother-in-law and best man is giving his speech. He opened by saying: We hadn't met yet. My sister is going on and on about this guy and how great he is, and she hands me this picture of him holding a huge knife. I remember thinking to myself: Someone who can handle her!

A friend got married to a woman he first hooked up with 3 nights before her first marriage. They had a 3 month affair before she divorced husband 1. My other buddy, who was best man, explained in his speech how amazing all this was Both Bride and Groom had told their families they started dating after the divorce First time best man, 3 weeks ago.

The bride chose her brother to be the Maid of Honor or "Man of Honor". Looking directly eye-to-eye with the Man of Honor, I opened up the speech:.