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No cut out under bb, no real markings as you point out in others. Stickers say made in Italy and Columbus aelle tubing. Bought it for not much with only a Gipiemme headset and bb.

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Nice chrome fork but again no markings. Sorry for late response, moved home! This one is fake? Thanks very much for your comprehensive post! You are my last straw… Can you help me? I have picture of the bike if that is of any help. All the best and thanks in advance.

Hi Saarf, Thanks for your courtesy. I emailed you a couple of pictures earlier today. Can you identify it? Lars, I just purchased my first steel Colnago and am ready to make it a masterpiece. I know little about classic Colnagos and was wondering if you would help me identify the model and time period is was built. The frame is in good shape and the rear derailleur is Nuovo Record.

I appreciate the time you have devoted to your craft. What email address may I send pictures of my new find, in hopes that you can identify the model? I bought a second hand Colnago Master online, and it looks real enough. But I would like to seek your help please, to confirm if it is genuine or not. The pictures can be found at https: Another thing is the uneven application of the decal behind the seat tube.

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You can see in one of the pictures that the decal does not line up at the back. Lastly, the white part of the decal with the Colnago word on the frame is not exactly white. Under daylight, it looks off-white, with a slight pinkish tinge. Also, i have not been able to identify the exact model and year. Hope that you can help.

I am trying to figure out if this is really a Master Extra Light? Trying to identify if this Master 30th Edition frame is legit. Price seems to good to be true compared to what these frames sell for new. Does this mean this frame also uses Gilco tubing? I read you sold the U Scanini one you pictured here. And what would be a good price for it when offered outside of Europe, considering it has some cosmetic damage from crashing? If it has been crashed damaged, the price could be quite dramatically affected, eg, if it has been in a head on collision it could be a write off.

I am unsure if the U Scanini tubing is truly Gilco, but it would be fair to list it as comparable to gilco. Hi and thanks for the image link, allways make my job easier! Best I can say is to try to view in person before the end of sale, and speak to vendor regarding provenance. Please help me identify this frame. Thank you very much. Yes, it authentic, given the complexity of the Geo decor, it would be really hard and costly to replicate,I was told the Geo decor comes from the concept of Colnago covering the four corners of the World. Always a pleasure to help!

Hi, can U help me? Is this the true Colnero? Or this is Fake Colmo? Hello saarf, thank you for the brilliant article.

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I would like to ask your help in identifying the parts of this bike and how much could it be worth per total. How do I send you pictures? Thanks, glad you like the article, you can send pictures to saarf live. Hello there, I am having a hard time figuring this out. Is this a real colnago? Any kind of help what-so-ever would be much appreciated!!! Please I need your help!! I am going to buy a Colnago, and I dont know if is a real Colnago. Can I sent you some pictures, and you hel me??? You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Hi I would need to see more pictures please to give a better opinion Thanks. Could you tell me if this is the real thing. Thx to helping me before i did the best hold up or the worst investment …. So it can worth the shot? It can be a genuine one to you? Hi I had a spiral conic , and it had crimped down tubes , this has the same lugging on head tube as a super Pui.

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Hi Please send images to saarf live. The purple painted Colnago I have is the Super Pui, from I believe,if you have any images of your intended purchase we may be able to reach a stronger conclusion Thanks. Hi Adam You can send them to me at saarf live.

Hi, thanks for all this info.

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I can send you pictures. Mr saarf Can you check my email regarding a colnago frame. Everything but BB shell clover seems authentic. If there is no clover or name under the BB, can you see it as a real colnago? Mr Ryu No problem, will check now for you: Thank you very much!

Looking at the images, in 10 and 13 I can see a crease inside the chain stay, and in 17 I can see 1 crease down the side of the down tube this is indicative of the Super profil model, not a Nuovo Mexico Hope this helps! Hi send to saarf live. Hi Images have not come out, please send to saarf live. I got your email, and answered there, hope it helps! Hi Max No problem, send images and we try to see what it is. Hi Geoff Sorry for late response, moved home! Hello saarf, Thanks very much for your comprehensive post!

Hi Frame set seems legit, and in decent condition for the price. Hi, I am very unsure to buy this bike, it does not seems a real Colnago? Can you please advise if it is a real or fake one? HI looks fake to me, the clover cut out seem wrong, hope this helps!

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Hi If it has been crashed damaged, the price could be quite dramatically affected, eg, if it has been in a head on collision it could be a write off. Is this colnago real??? Is this real or fake? Seller does not provide serial number!

Colnago C40

There is some more photos relative to previous my comment. Hi Could you help me to determine that this one is genuine or fake, please? A true technological reference point that, with its even more advanced features, anticipates the future of high-end bicycles. The carbon fiber tubes and lugs have a star section, to take the shape introduced with the Master, the steel frame; the walls are thinner and the structure lighter, rigid and resistant.

It is the first bike with disc brakes on road. Fork and rear triangle have been redesigned to support the load generated by the discs. The total weight is only grams more than the traditional model. Made in limited edition in bikes, this is the first born of the Colnago for Ferrari project. A partnership that for 30 years combines ideas, technology and art.

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