Jax and tara dating in real life

Charlie was able to base his character's looks, style and mannerisms all on one young man. I was really drawn to him before I even knew that. He just had an amazing presence about him. He was like an old school outlaw, cowboy, fucking badass gunslinger. But modern day, you know? A 22 year old fearless kid. They used to say he put his gun in his belt before he put his shoes on, like he was just a straight fucking outlaw. He ended up getting killed the week after I left Oakland, right before we started shooting. And so I got this necklace to wear as a memorial for him. But also the whole aesthetic of that character, literally Jax wears the jeans and the shoes he wore.

So I just based everything on him. I grew up in an environment where it was permittable to use violence to solve a problem. But it was not permittable ever to call the police under any circumstances. That was the kind of doctrine of my household. I really understand it and in a kind of perverse way kind of admire it. Like men and women that are able to just look after themselves.

But the infidelity and the sometimes lack of respect for women and the misogynistic flavour that seems to be pretty prolific in that world, I always find a little tricky. That was the flip side of the way I was growing up. I had a fierce father but an equally fierce fucking mother who was not having any type of you know, disrespect to women or any type of like, misogynistic viewpoint. Unfortunately I only have my mother now. But yeah, she watches the show and my three brothers do.

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They all watch it and like it. We had a walk and talk scene that was one page of dialogue that we shot on five full days over the course of four months.

The Real Life Partners of the Sons of Anarchy Cast

So the challenges that are present in filmmaking I find much more difficult to navigate than television. Just some time to have a little bit more control over my schedule. But I would love to do another show at some point. Jax's character has evolved throughout the series, affected by his relationship with Tara Maggie Siff.

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  8. If you had to put your finger on exactly what it is about the show that people have reacted to what would you say it is? That people really enjoy watching dudes that live on the wrong side of rules and do whatever the fuck they want. I feel like there have been many avenues for achieving that male fantasy of being an outlaw and not being told what to do. And not being governed by everybody around you that wants to tell you what to do. I think my favorite show of all time was 'Deadwood'.

    I watch a lot of documentaries and movies on Netflix. I like 'Downton Abbey'.

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    I got into 'Downton Abbey' last off season and watched four seasons of that. I really enjoyed that show. Your character was in such a dark place. What kind of mind set are you going into this new season with what has happened? Again, fortunately in my life, I have dealt with bereavement. As much as that sucks, it was helpful, understanding the pattern of how bereavement works. I wanted to avoid it being all doom and gloom.

    As much as there may be a tendency to really invest in the heartbroken devastation of it, I thought that there may be something equally interesting to juxtapose a sense of liberation. He had these two kind of guiding stars of Tara and his father. He became somewhat disillusioned with who his father was and what that message was.

    Sons of Anarchy's Maggie Siff announces she is expecting her first child

    So by the end of last season, it was Tara that was his true north. I really like zombie shit, like end of the world, apocalypse type of narrative. And what I think that provides or at least what it provides to me is that fantasy of liberating oneself from the minutiae of everyday life and feeling like: I need to do something with my life and I need to like being engaged. Of course honoring Tara and their relationship and feeling some of that loss and heartache.

    But, also really embracing the freedom that no longer having to be a good guy affords Jax.

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    8. I think that that liberation does come with losing Tara. Have you ever kept mementos from your work and because this particular piece of work is so long and has been so immersive, is this a piece of work that you intend to take something physically away from this building? I have a long fucking list of things I would like from this. I went to look around Eyman Federal Prison in Arizona.

      We were in the wing that was separate from the super-max wing. The only way you could get into this wing is by killing another inmate or attempting to kill or killing a guard whilst in prison.

      So these were dudes who had already committed murder, then had committed additional murders but usually of prison guards. I just kind of wanted to be as anonymous as possible. We walked into the super-max wing, which was like an old school three story box with metal bar cells. Not a lot of prisons are like that anymore, totally old school. Everyone was hanging on their bars and shouting at us. I walked in there and the level of tough energy, just violence, was so intense. I was thinking I hope no one recognises me. So this was probably just after season two. But his energy was so intense and he kept staring at me and staring at me and staring at me.

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