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History of Electricity and Natural Gas in Edmonton

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Edmonton Electricity Providers and Natural Gas Services

Residents of Edmonton have their choice of just about every energy retailer operating in Alberta. The largest and most well known of these energy companies are:. In addition, there are roughly two dozen smaller energy companies operating in the area, and this list is always growing. Try our energy rate comparison form above to learn about the natural gas retailers in your area, and what rates and plans they currently have to offer. A private home can have a Residential or Commercial meter.

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The distribution company can install a commercial meter on residential property if the property owners have a home-based business and require a reliable supply of energy at all times. If you have a commercial meter on your property, your utility bill is going to be higher because of higher distribution charges. There are no regulations in place requiring the retailer to confirm what the property is being used for when the billing customer changes.

It is your responsibility to ask your retailer about the type of meter installed on your property and ask that it be changed. In most apartments, utilities such as water, heat, and garbage collection are part of the rental cost.

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  • Electricity is usually the responsibility of renters. Confirm with your landlord or apartment management company what utility services are included with your rent. Keep in mind some landlords require proof that you have set up your utilities before they let you move in.


    If you get your utilities through a competitive retailer, please contact them about a move notice. Some retailers require up to a day notice. If you are unable to move your service soon enough, you will need to set up with the regulated retailer until your competitive retailer is able to supply the service to your new home.

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    Shortly before your move, call each utility service again to confirm that your utilities will be transferred to your new address, and confirm if you need any appointments to turn on service. With a sub-metering system in your residence, you may have to buy electricity through a contract arranged by the landlord. Sub-meters measure electricity consumption in each unit.

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    Residents are billed individually for the electricity they use in-suite. Currently, sub-metering service companies are unregulated distributors of electricity so the Alberta Utilities Commission does not regulate their rates and administrative fees. If you are moving and responsible for two properties at the same time — even for a short period - tell your retailer that there will be an overlap in billing.

    When you receive your statement for the two properties, it will likely be larger than your usual monthly bill. Make sure you are receiving monthly charges for all utilities you are responsible for. If you are not getting bills, contact your retailer as soon as possible.