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  • Are Lindzi Cox and Kalon McMahon Still Dating After Bachelor Pad 3?.
  • Lindzi Cox on Her Breakup With Kalon McMahon: There Was a Lack of Trust — Exclusive.
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And that's a huge difference. I'd just say be careful. I've seen Kalon around town at different events with different women. He was out at a movie premiere just last week with a different girl. He was in Houston with his ex-girlfriend. I don't know if they have an open relationship or what their deal is. Who were you with at the movie premiere? No, but I wasn't rubbing her leg during the movie either. When asked by the host if he'd like to apologize to anyone, McMahon offered a casual, "No, I'm good. And for all those who doubt that a romance blossom among the gladiatorial fervor of the Bachelor manse?

According to a impressively detailed relationship timeline , the reality TV arbiters at Wetpaint are insisting that the Kalon-Lindzi partnership remains on solid ground. Best Chinese Restaurants for Christmas.

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Where to Eat on Christmas Day. And this gem, JP and Ashley, will get married. I would not be surprised if Jef and Emily beat both of those couples to the altar. You know what I heard?! But I can tell you I heard what I heard.

Lindzi Cox

And considering what I heard… I have an opinion! Anyhow, I completely agree with the statement that sharing opinions is one thing, at least when stated as such, gossiping is altogether something else. So cheers for not going in that direction! Thanks for bringing me back to reality realizing that Jemily will never get married. Plenty of small business owners, celebrities Anderson Cooper comes to mind , athletes have rich parents. Anderson Cooper told Oprah years ago that he needed a job because his mother was not willing to support her adult children.

I know wealthy non-celebrity parents who do this. At least he can ski the slopes of the twin sisters with her in Oregon. I like skiing the slopes too. Besides, he is so non-descript that he does nothing for ratings. Not that any of that matters. People, of course Steve is dangling a carrot. But then I noticed it was in quotes.

I think he purposely misspelled it the same way the couple did. I went back and skimmed it and the three times I saw that word, it was spelled properly. Maybe RS went back and corrected it. Just not gonna do it. Read more at http: Reality Steve is right about Jemily. They are on the skids, totally. On their recent trip to Ghana with People Water, they were miserable. All that sparkles is not gold. The faking it is hurting his integrity.

'Bachelor Pad's' Lindzi Cox and Kalon McMahon Split

But Emily is quite okay with throwing in Ricki or anything else to benefit herself. Might make it look a bit more real…but glad you finally decided that you could make it, lol. All your deluded fans were so…deluded?

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Yes Jacqueline, Ed is a player. Everyone knew that since Jillians season. Yes, I watch this stupid show. I must say, the best season, if there has to be one, of this show, was Natalie Getz and David Goode. They knew they were about hook ups, and money, and friendship and not much more.

Are Lindzi Cox and Kalon McMahon Still Dating After Bachelor Pad 3?

They played the game, had fun doing it and no one walked away with hurt feelings. No whores, no delusions of life loves, just chance and game play. That is what this show is about.

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I love what Nick did. That was smart thinking on his part.

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I love your Dog, she is so cute! Anyway how can you say that Emily and Jef are not getting married? Duh — she totally picked him for his trust fund. The minute they got together, I was afraid he was going to bring her to Portland. It is interesting to read other perspectives, though, and the cell phone privacy debate caught my eye. Im no I can say is that if you are in a committed relationship then theres just. Im no expert, but if you are honest with yourself and you are with the right person then theres no looking over your shoulder.

I guess there are just some people who like the drama and the e hidden secrets are exactly why these sites exist. Personally speaking, ye ars ago, I was one myself. I can honestly say though, theres nothing I would not say or do that I would do if my husband was standing behind me at all times. It is interesting to read other perspectives, though, and the conflict over the cell phone privacy caught my eye. The bottom line is…if u r in a commited should not matter when ur partner grab ur phone.

Lindzi and Kalon breakup

The bottom is if ur in a committed relationship, it should not matter when they grab ur phone, what they look at, what texts they read, etc. If u have to hide ur cell from the person u r with, whats the point of being with that person? You must be logged in to post a comment Login. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse realitysteve. Your account will be closed and all data will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.