Dating a heroin addict

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Are you living with an addict? If he or she is a high-functioning one, then knowing if he or she is an addict is not as easy. High-functioning addicts can readily hide or disguise their drug problems without family and friends knowing any better. However, there are ways to discern and unmask one. Denial is a key sign of addiction. High-functioning addicts may not use drugs on a daily basis. They may prefer to drink only the finest wines and do designer drugs.

How dating a drug addict helped me let go of my worries

They can effortlessly manage their family and career, fulfilling their obligations and responsibilities easily. They may even feel entitled to indulge in their substance of addiction as a means of rewarding themselves for their hard work. Recognizing that they have an addiction problem is farthest in their mind.

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Their friends and loved ones sometimes fail to recognize the addiction problem even if they are presented with facts. Changes in Behavioral Patterns.

5 Things I Wish I Did When Dating an Addict

No matter how many functional addicts rationalize that they do not have an addiction, they will still experience the consequences. Subtle changes in their behavior uncharacteristic of them may appear. They may have the tendency to isolate themselves, refusing to interact socially and failing to do family obligations. Professionally, they may show lack of focus in doing tasks, miss deadlines, and might frequently call in sick. They may show some physical signs of addiction such as paranoia, insomnia, and unsteadiness in their movements. A high-functioning addict is a master in making excuses for his unusual behavior and strange occurrences.

Coming home drunk or high, he will usually cook up a seemingly realistic story to cover his addiction. Leading a double life becomes the norm for high-functioning addicts. He is the exact opposite of the person he shows and maintains to the outside world. He exudes confidence, success, and everything that is truly remarkable but when the curtain is drawn and he is by himself, his inner demons manifest. On occasions, he feels the burden of his lies and deception, but this does not mean he is ready to admit his addiction and seek rehabilitation. Hitting rock-bottom seems to be the thing that could motivate him to seek treatment.

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Drug Addiction : How to Leave a Drug Addict

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Ask Anna: I’m in love with a heroin addict

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