Is vampirefreaks a dating site

It was created by site owner Jet Berelson in It began with a small number of forums dedicated to Gothic—industrial music. The website also has event pages, music interviews, models, and frequent design contests. It's also a popular message-board which is a major component of the site's success. Vampire Freaks hosts its own digital music store as well.

Jet regularly updates the site with information concerning not only bands, but various alternative events. Many people have found love on the site, and this has been focused on during Valentine's Day, where couples that met through the site submitted stories of how they met their matches. VampireFreaks hosts an alternative online store that sells goth and alternative clothing. Going to the admins is virtually useless, and I am soooo surprised that this site isn't shut down. It is only a matter of time until this site becomes entirely defunct.

Do NOT allow your children to use this site, as this will evoke cyber bullying and unwanted attention from pedophiles and other users. Also, if you're attractive, stay away from this site, as the miserable women that use it will encite bullying and make fun of you. - Wikipedia

Wouldn't recommend this site, even to my worst enemy. Premium members are allowed to harrass and bully non premium members as PM's can't be blocked even by other PM members. Basically, this site use to be a Sanctuary for those who thrived on creativity with the creation of tons of RP cults BUT This site is now for the dregs of society with severe issues in the form of mental stability and sexuality. The owner sits back and pockets the memberships and allows Admin to run wild without any consequences, so they are able to harass members.

Not safe for teens! Encourages and engages in Suicide Culture. The admins were very letchy and power drunk. I was an 18 year old woman and I'd get the admin trying to chat me up constantly. I bought premium membership when it was launched to see what it was all about. A week or so after I did, I was kicked off the site because I didn't answer an admin's pervy messages. I took it up with the "help team" and they told me it was admin's discression.

I sent them evidence of the admin's abusive messages and I got 'lol' back. I asked for a refund as I'd paid for 3 months up front and I got told to f' off. The site has gotten worse and worse over the years, it's full of predatory, egotistical people running this "business". Don't give them your money.

I was a member of Vampirefreaks. I loved it until recently. My account got hacked and whoever hacked it was posting nudes of some girl from my page. I ended up getting harassed for people thought the girl was me. The person also logged me out of my account and changed my password. I couldnt access my account at all. I repeatedly messaged the admins to delete my hacked account but they laughed it off saying it wasnt a big deal. The harassment got worse when an admin screenshot my hacked nasty post making fun of it.

Finally I was able to regain my hacked account, deleted all of the nasty content the hacker posted, only to see the admins encouraged people to harass me calling me "sexy" and "easy" So I permanently deleted my account.

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VF does nothing but promote bullying, and sexually harassment. They don't care if you are in trouble or not.


They laugh at your misfortune. I will never use VF again! The company hacks into your personal devices and will stalk you and harass you. It got so bad that i had to seek out a lawyer because the owner Jet is a lying coward who can't respond back. He can dish it but he can't take it. Once again i will say this again, I've NEVER in the past had a reason to hate them or go as far as legal percussion but they did this to themselves. Im not here to rip apart a business but they crossed the line and Jet got silenced quickly when my lawyer contacted him.

I stayed quiet for years about this and i had enough, which is when i decided on legal action. Thats all i have to say about this business. Cowards who hide when confronted for the illegal things they do. You can't express your opinions and views without being attacked or censored.

Dating sites like vampirefreaks

I got powerbombed for no reason over 4 times within 2 months even though i was minding my own business. I never started drama and i never really talked to anyone. The Premium members apparently powerbomb anyone they don't like.

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It's funny how they are against Nazis but there are a couple of them on the website. I've made this account especially for vf after stumbling across this page. I think it's important the general public and parents are aware that the 1 star reviews are absolutely spot on. The claims that the site is a pedophile haven are accurate. The claims that administration are pedophiles is accurate. It's a known fact across the website that Jet and JC would accept nudes from minors in exchange for premium. I've met her in person on her travels to visit him and she displayed the traits of a vulnerable young girl with sort of stockholm syndrome type feelings towards her predatory boyfriend Jet.

There's a user here defending Jet and insisting proof must be posted but I believe that's already been done before. Do yourselves a favor and don't let your kids use the site. A quick google search reveals it's a haven for pedophiles and that Jet refuses to claim responsibility for what is going on, on his website.

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  4. He refuses to take action and in fact, it just gets worse than that. Recently an unknown user began "hacking" the site, reading everyones private messages and has been contacting users warning them to leave. He states that in just a few days over 80 indecent images of children were shared. Nothing that gets uploaded ever gets deleted.

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