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It's the exact same circuit as in the Solderless Breadboard tutorial , only with two more mini circuits! Now try hooking up multiple LEDs in series and parallel!

How To calculate Multiple LED resistor values

There are a lot more mathematical equations involved here to figure out how long the battery can supply the power, whether you're exceeding the amps of the supply, etc.. I wonder how many LEDs can be hooked up to a single battery? Sounds like a good topic for a future tutorial!

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Saturday January 19, No comments have yet been made. Leds can be Wired In Series: In series wiring the forward voltage drops are additive, but the current requirement stays the same If you had 6 red leds in series, then 12 volts at 20 milliamps is required. In parallel wiring, the current requirements are additive, but the voltage drop remains the same; for example, if each red led has a 2 volt forward voltage drop and a maximum 20 milliamps, and you put 2 in parallel, then you will need 2 volts at 40 milliamps to drive the leds to maximum brightness If you had 6 red leds in parallel, then 2 volts at milliamps is required.

The object is to find which method or combination of methods gets your power requirements in your led wiring scheme, to closly match the power source. Having voltage much higher than needed results in the need for very large, expensive, hard to find, and inefficient current limiting resistors that waste energy by getting real hot.

By using a power supply that is just slightly higher voltage than needed,or by putting leds in series will result in a more efficient design, and the current limiting resistors needed will be much smaller and very inexpensive and easy to find. If you need to hook up many leds The correct way is to place several leds in series, and then several series strings in parallel with each other, thereby needing neither the high voltage needed with series wiring, or the high current needed with all parallel wiring.

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Automotive voltages fluctuate from under 12volts dc to as high as We suggest using current limiting resistors based on your highest battery reading with alternator running full blast. The leds wont be as bright when the car isnt running, but you wont blow them up. Alternately, you can use an IC as a Buck Regulator and put your set point at 12vdc and calculate resistors based on 12 volts. Although you can use a potentiometer or rheostat or use a transistor as a variable resistor to brighten and dim leds, both methods have serious drawbacks.

Wiring LEDs Correctly: Series & Parallel Circuits Explained!

In all the above cases the parts can get real hot, the circuit is very inefficient, and with batteries it can lead to seriously decreased battery life, and in some cases, more power is being wasted limiting the current than is going to the leds themselves. Some people also refer to pwm circuits as a duty cycle controllers. The advantage of PWM over Pure DC is, it is much more efficient, resulting in lower power consumption, longer battery life, less heat in the pwm circuit versus the other circuits mentioned, less led heating, smaller heatsinks can be used on parts requiring heatsinking.