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Online dating has grown so much in part as a response to these societal changes, having become the third most important way we meet our significant others, even though it didn't even exist 15 years ago. Match was launched on April 21, According to Match, more than 20, singles register on their site in the U.

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The Match Online Dating survey conducted by Chadwick Martin Bailey shows a definite shift where more singles are meeting their spouses online than at bars, social clubs, and churches or places of worship. The Match study also revealed that their members have gone on more than twice as many dates as members of other online dating sites. Match launched Match Mobile last year and recently added an Android application to their service offerings.

So how often do I hear about a couple who has met on Match. Every day it seems.

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In the nail salon, at the gym, in the hair salon, and on Twitter, singles are talking about their online dating stories. It seems everyone knows someone who has met a significant other online.

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A psychology professor at the university of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester, New York, agrees that online dating has its share of problems. Harry Reis tells a reporter on cnn.

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Due to the manner in which most online dating websites are set up, it reduces the romantic aspect of searching for a partner. Whether they do so intentionally or not, meeting someone online strictly to have sex is where some Georgia State students draw the line.

Coleman agrees with Hazman, especially after witnessing her own mother go through similar situations. In an eerie stroke of luck, the two just so happened to cross paths on an online dating site. We were both in New York at the time; we both did online-type dating. Join the Discussion Cancel reply.

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