Snsd jessica dating 2020

That picture proves nothing to some and some fans don't even believe it. Actual proof means they're caught on a date or something, not really strolling around a mall in San Francisco. I guess they want Dispatch or SS to catch it. Jessica is more likely to announce these kind of things herself. The girl is so straightforward and blunt.

If she was dating she wouldn't denied it. The rep is from SM not her. Lee Hyori is an icon. She is much more beautiful and richer than Jessica but she married a guy that is uglier than tyler. It's by their actions.

SNSD's Jessica denies dating Gillian Chung's ex-boyfriend

The fact that they aren't careful makes me think they aren't in a serious relationship. Sica has publicly thanked him on Weibo. I think they've commented on each other's pictures once. They've taken photos before and even sat together at an awards show which was broadcast to TV. The fact that she isn't cautious about hiding her relationship makes me think its platonic Since her debut she always has been seen as a 'slut'.

Dating a cheater is not going to help her lol. I'm more curious as to who SJ members are dating.. It seems that no media outlet caught anything about SJ members.

Even that issue with Eunhyuk was revealed by his ex. I guess SJ members are really smart and know how to keep their relationships under wraps. Judging from his wealth. I will never stop being jelly of him for that. Well, I think he's much richer but I was just pointing out what is good about him. Pretty much the only thing I can think of now since I don't know about his personality. She's maintained plausible deniability and might have a different tactic than others in her group.

I don't really care I'm just saying, the pictures are far from proof in either direction.

Is that wrong if close friends go out together?? Lol I think a dating scandal is the last thing SM would use as publicity for their promotions. If this was her way of hiding a relationship, then she's quite the risk taker but I see your point lol. For those of you who don't know, Gillian Chung is a Cantonese singer.

She and Tyler broke up last year and the rumor was that he was cheating on her with a kpop trainee. I don't know too.. So what if she's with him I'm saying IF? You can't say SNSD is nothing special if she's really with him?

Do you know him personally? Jessica is a grown woman and can date who she wants, I'm sure she's fully aware of his past.. IF they are together. Can't wait to see how delulu eunhae fans will react.. Or SJ shippers in general. After that hangeng issue yesterday, Hanchul fans are trending hash tags on weibo.. Too many delulu fans. Lol please she's a rich she doesnt see someone from background like wtf.

Looks can fade so they mean nothing when it comes to a relationship's stability in the long run. Jay dating Hyoyeon "little sister" Kim is far past rumor at this point lol. I'll wait for Hong Kong media to deliver. They're probably paying someone to deliver as we type. I guess SM denied this because of Tyler's image.

But I'm afraid it will cause people to dig more shits up.

SM denies Jessica's dating rumors with Tyler Kwon ~ Netizen Buzz

And they might have a lot of shits with Jessica going to HK like every other week pre-comeback. They're probably not dating. If they are then they wouldn't have denied seeing as they made no attempt to hide it at all. Lol Yeah I think pretty much everyone believes it. Do you follow both of them on Instagram? They're obvious about it lol. I believe that they are dating but there really no evidence so it wasnt caught tho, should hire sportseoul.

【TVPP】Jessica(SNSD) - Explain scandal with Ok Taec Yeon, 제시카(소녀시대) - 미스터 옥(?)과의 열애설 해명 @ Radio Star

I have a feeling that jessica will speak up and the confirmation will be from her not SM Sigh SM messing up. I heard GDragon is dating Kiko http: I don't find anything wrong with him. I think all snsd members are dating now and that's pretty fine with me. SM is in their way to debut new gg thou,we will soon no longer find it is a big deal when snsd member get caught on date.

If they get married and she becomes Jessica Kwon, Yulsic shippers will be wetting themselves.

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And Shindong revealed his relationship himself and only when he wanted to propose, those boys are too sneaky! I will never understand how dispatch hasn't managed to catch gd in all these years.. Dispatch follows her and finds out she's dating somebody completely different lol. Oh yeah, is Jessica a Korean citizen too or just American? If both, would she have like two names? So I guess they have to be making out and touching all over each other while dressed up like ninja's to be dating huh?

It seems only the last 3 netizens are smart enough to wait before placing judgment. She probably has dual citizenship or perhaps just has a visa like Tiffany. This is a pretty damn impressive resume, and he looks relatively young to me as well. I think it depends on whether they care or not.

Those stars might think they're big enough shit like this can't hurt them. He said he will never reveal if he's dating and I don't blame him. The hate Kiko gets from his psycho fans on sns is disgusting. Ava looks just like a hipster version of Elle Woods, the main character from movie Legally Blonde that skyrocketed her mum, Reese Witherspoon, into international stardom, but with pink hair of course. She even has that same cute chin and a little underbite. How can we not include a Beckham when it comes to celebrity kids.

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