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For some young girls, especially in highly religious households, becoming pregnant as a teen is almost the end of the world. Many parents still disown their children for becoming pregnant or getting a girl pregnant. High rates of teenage pregnancy can also be attributed to the lack of communication about the topic in general. In religious households, the topic is all together avoided. In more open homes the topic is still very controversial and taboo so parents in general avoid talking about sex at all.

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After all, their parents never talked to their generation about sex either. Sex is still very much related with the shame and guilt of the Catholic Church whether people are practicing or not. If parents do talk to their children about sex it is usually threatening them not to get preganant instead of educating them. In the public and private school systems there are not sex education classes.

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This leads to young boys and girls experimenting and learning from their friends about sex which leads to high rates of unwanted pregnancies. Increased rates of teen pregnancy have lead to the increase in the proportion of Costa Rican households headed by single mothers.

This also has led to an increase in the number of women with children entering the labor force. Many of these mothers have never worked before and are new additions to the labor force. Many times single mothers are unable or unwilling to find full-time work in the high-paying formal sector. For this reason, they end up unemployed or working part-time as self-employed workers. This fact has contributed to low incomes for households vulnerable to poverty, especially those households headed by single mothers.

Single mother run households continues to climb. For example, in about Two-thirds of these mothers also hold a part time job in addition to their motherly responsibilities. Being a rather Catholic society one would think that divorce rates would be lower, but they are not. They are very similar to that in the United States. This is an interesting occurrence considering that there are strict laws in place that require that one first must remain married for at least three years before one can formally ask for a divorce.

Costa Rica girls – Tips on Dating Costa Rica Women

There are many reasons for this phenomenon. One of the major reasons is that many foreigners including Nicaraguans, Colombians, Canadians, and Americans use marriage as a way to gain their residency and then simply divorce. This skews the divorce statistics a bit. If going through a divorce in Costa Rica, one will have to go through a judicial process and look for a good divorce lawyer. The ugly kind is known as a Sanction Divorce.

This means that either of the married persons broke the social family contract by participating in one or more of the following activities: In these cases the divorce is immediate and there is no waiting period. In fact, most of the women in Costa Rica are fun, flirtatious, full of life and sensual.

Thing is, Costa Rican women generally have bubbly personalities and laughing and flirting is part of how they socialise on a daily basis. The fact that women in Costa Rica enjoy flirting and having fun, or that some are semi and full-on prostitutes does not make them an easy catch. On the contrary, there are a lot of really good women to be found in Costa Rica who are highly intelligent, well-educated as they are beautiful, and with real family values to boot.

In actual fact, Costa Rica has some of the most open minded and liberal people in the world. Most of the locals live very Western lifestyles and the women are quite adventurous and progressive that even you may not be able to keep up with them!

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