Online dating long response time

I will put up with quite a lot of emotional and mental bullshit in order to find a slender woman. The response came two days after I sent out that batch of messages. Sadly, the message was so terse that it resembled a copy and paste job: Nice to meet you Private Man! So, I had to wait before responding. There is something of a rule regarding the Game of waiting — double the amount of time it took her to respond before a guy should give his response.

Women play games with online dating. Men Game with online dating. There is a clear distinction here. So, this woman plays games by waiting a couple of days before responding. So, I wait a couple of days before responding: Hell, why respond with something longer when she only sends me less than a dozen words? I see that she has been online several times since I sent that message and I have actually paid a bit of money to PoF so that I can see if my outbound messages have been read.

Online Dating Game And The Delayed Response

Sure enough, she had read my message within hours of me sending it. Of course, no response from her yet. She is wired to play games. Red pill men know this. A delayed response gets you blocked.

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Smart men will just move on. I did cover this in one of my early posts. I incurred the wrath of a persistent rationalization hamster and hilarity ensued. PM, you hit the nail on the head with this post. I just put a profile on POF last night. For the first time ever, I took a smart-ass approach and disqualified in my profile the types of women that do not interest me. I was shocked to get up this morning and find that I had six e-mails and ten expressions of interest. The disappointing part is how short the e-mails are. I wrote back to a couple and received short replies that did not really move the conversation forward.

I get the sense that women want to string out this back-and-forth endlessly. Are they slow typists? Do the receive so many messages that they cannot give substantive replies? Are they just attention whores?

Response time online dating | Macromex

Are they just not that into me? The lack of face-to face contact online leads to horrendous behavior.

Most people would not be this poorly behaved on a date. If they are not interested, why do they continue to send short messages? Your location be general 3.

Some sentences from your profile that are causing the most reaction. I then go on to list my positives. I have been away from online dating for several years. The above tactic is far more negative than anything I ever attempted before, but I have received more positive responses.

I know that 6 is especially harsh, but there are scores of women on POF who were on there when I was last active four years ago. My polite profile several years ago generated virtually no interest. The few messages I received then were as short as the greater number of messages I am receiving now. This is still an experiment in progress. I will stay online for only a few months. I mean no disrespect to those who enjoy the dating process, as you seem to do. Interesting how your response rate when up. We are in the same demographic so this warrants an experiment. All women seek men to impress and direct them.

Even then, many will acuse you of not giving them anything. Then show them your own letters — always leaving an opening, a hanging point, something to comment on. Women are, by and large, less interesting than men. Women are, by and large, quite vapid. There are a few intellectual bright spots — but honest women will admit that they wait for an interesting guy to come along and make them interesting.

It IS you - why the longer it takes someone to reply to a text, the less they like you

Women say this all the time: Despite the moans and cries of feminists, by and large, almost every dating dynamic involves the opposite of hollywood movies where the tough, ballsy but vulnerable and interesting chick condescends to the clueless but amiable man. Four of those were women with whom I had corresponded. She is not very well educated, and intelligence matters to me.

I am having a substantive correspondence with a professional woman. She says she really likes my profile, and I can tell she has a quirky, off-beat sense of humor.

Otherwise, the rule is Dutch treat. If you want access to an ATM, go to your own bank. At this point I can make a generalization: Attractive, uneducated women object most to that statement, while slightly less attractive but well educated women have no problem with it. I am a generous soul.

I have always paid for dates in the past and have been generous in my gifts. As I said before, this is only an experiment. I will not continue it for a long time because I hate the whole process. I have too many other more interesting and rewarding things going on in my life.

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I would rather be single than be in a bad relationship. Best to you in your quest. I am following it with great interest. I was misled by the first 72 hours when I had a burst of positive responses — far more activity than I had received in a year of my nice guy profile.

Response time online dating

The activity quickly dropped off. By the way, all my outgoing messages were extremely cordial and polite and did not have the bad ass tone of my profile. A few women wrote to object to my qualifiers. Some women initiated positive contact, but they were either undesirable or did not respond to my reply.

How To Send Messages That ACTUALLY Get Replies

Perhaps they went back and read my profile more carefully. I also wonder if some of those initial responses were fake — a way of suckering in a new member to the paid features. There was something suspiciously general about some of those unsolicited contacts. There were two women with whom I exchanged a number of pleasant messages — wihout significant delay time!

One was the professional I mentioned previously.