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If a girl didn't like me, or I had a bad night, all I had to do is go out for a couple more nights and walk away with at least three new dates per week assuming that I got one new date from the three events I was attending per week. Unlike online dating sites like OKCupid, the speed dating company I went through guaranteed that I would meet at least 13 women per event, and that was much more predictable than sending a bunch of messages through OKCupid, and not getting any replies. Anyway, that should be enough info to get you started.

I did a talk about it at Ignite Sydney, and after I passed the mark: I failed so many read: All I can say is, you are a legend, my friend.

You're better in real life.

Your persistence is exceptional and I am so happy you met the right person: You sound like you totally deserve it! I've been happily married for several years now, but from what I understand all these single people just use Tinder these days. So glad I got married shortly before all this social media stuff really took off, it looks like a fucking minefield out there.

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What is so bad about speed dating in Sydney? Thinking about going to one of those Fast Impression things. Don't use Tinder as I am not on FB. Tried internet dating in the past, but not much success. But thats just me. I don't even text my mates that often. One advantage I see in speed dates not that I have been on one is that you can gauge the amount of chemistry you have. Been so many times I've met someone from internet dating sites to find we are very compatible, but there is no chemistry in person.

My experience from was that a lot of the girls there seemed a bit ambivalent.

Discover the antithesis of Tinder. And it's going nuts.

It was as if they were kind of ashamed that they had to "resort" to coming to a singles event. Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully the stigma associated with speed dating has come along since then. Out of interest, what was the age range that went? At least the girls at speed dating come out. Talked to a few girls from internet dating sites saying they weren't willing to meet up with people from the internet.

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Feel free to message the moderators to have your event added to the sidebar. Thursday What's On In Sydney:: Read the Wiki before asking a question. It has most of the info you're probably about to ask for, including: The company , which has held 11 events since it was established, is based in Sydney there are grand plans to expand nationally, with Perusco looking to Melbourne and Brisbane first.

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The events hold people each time and activities range from bushwalks, cocktail classes, yoga and tea tastings. There's often wine involved, paired with good conversation "in the most relaxed way possible".

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And the events aren't just for single heterosexuals. The year-old has held a number of events for gays and lesbians, while also catering to the 40 plus age group. I think people talk a lot about how Tinder is the problem, but a lot of gay guys find Grindr to be a bit exhaustive and a bit too much," Perusco said. Supplied The result, sometimes. The online dating game can be confusing for some, but Perusco was also inspired to take people away from their phones. She hasn't managed to deliver a boyfriend to any of her good friends yet, but has run into a few familiar faces paired up on the train weeks after events.

Supplied The first event in May sold out, and the aim is to expand nationally. And if you're wondering, no she's not single.