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Can a Catholic be a Born-Again Christian? - Biblical Church Evangelism Conference

We are no longer friends, and while I still get sad thinking about it sometimes I definitely learned that should I pursue a relationship with a non-Catholic, we need to really take our time and I need to know that he will be more supportive and understanding of what I believe. Posted by Soccerfan99 on March 24, at My moms Catholic, my dads Christian though he was raised Catholic. They got married in a Catholic Church. Sunday mornings we attend our Covenant church and Sunday night my mom, little sister and I attend a catholic one.

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My little even is a alter server, she helps the priest during mass. I view myself a Christian, but I am currently working on doing my first communion and confirmation with a Catholic Church. I also meant to put that my parents have been together for more than 13 years and married for 9. I mean, pray about it, see what God says. Idk how great the difference between Baptist and Catholic is but once again pray. I think it might help if you talked to your crush about it, see how he feels and what he thinks.

Posted by gracegirl7 on March 23, at I have recently gone through a similar situation. I had a crush on a Mormon guy and I did not know a lot about the religion about after researching it I learn how the LDS religion beliefs really contradicts the bible and how their beliefs appose Christianity and how they decipher the actual meaning of the bible to fit their beliefs in the Book of Mormon.

Can a Catholic be a Born-Again Christian?

After researching their religion I realized that guy was not the kind of guy God intended for me to date and I may not know it now but God has a guy for me for me who will strive to bring me closer to him and instead of bringing me away from him. Posted by pinkkitty on July 18, at There is a big difference.

Also, dating is for potential marriage right? Posted by Trinity on April 26, at But that had a lot to do with who he was as opposed to his religion. Posted by sunshine on April 25, at But even if you are big on being Christian, you can still date him for a while. We were together for over a year and I ended it. My parents told me I should , and it took a long while before I did.

We chose to remain friends but I know he still has hope of being together one day. He does loves The Lord.. But our beliefs arnt the same. Were friends now and I like that.. But he still has hope and my parents have a weird thing with him. What should I do?: Posted by ShanellElise on April 5, at As in they pray to Jesus and not to Mary. So it depends on the Catholic. Posted by ivyandroses on April 13, at All Catholics pray to Jesus. It is understand that all Catholics will keep a healthy prayer life with God, preferably every day.

It is required to pray at least on Sundays in the form of the mass. You simply cannot call yourself a practicing Catholic if you do not pray to Jesus on a regular basis; it is part of being any Christian, and especially part of being Catholic. We also pray with Mary not to Mary. We ask her to pray for us to God, because she is His Blessed Mother. We believe that her prayers are the most powerful, since Jesus honored her as his mother, and so we ask if she can intervene for us to God.

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At the end of the day, the prayer is for God, but if the Blessed Mother of God supports your cause, the prayer is so much more powerful. Posted by lilawe on March 23, at Thank you ivyandroses you put it very nicely! As born again christians we should rather encourage rather than discriminate. It is not healthy. Thanks for your concern about my salvation There is a revival going on in the city of Oneonta Alabama at the Catholic church hispanics are getting baptized in the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues it is sweeping the whole city their services look like old time pentecostal services with shouting hands raised falling out in the Spirit, I can't tell their church from a charismatic church.

Caring what you call attacking I call defending His Truth. It is the Christians responsibility to speak against Biblical error wherever it occurs.

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How do you know about my relationship with the Almighty Creator. To assume is like wanting to know or else a confirmed thought in your imaginative mind. If my knees bend its because my God knows why. My display of piety is reserved for My lord.

“I’m Baptist, He’s Catholic…Should I Take It Further?”

Pyrites are not gold dont be fooled. Then you must read the Bible for yourself. It is through the Bible that God will speak personally to you. The Catholic Church is not what many of you claim it is. We follow the teachings of Christ faithfully and if some of you don't agree it does not make us wrong. Caring Marcia is correct. Two main groups write here: One even wrote there's no salvation outside the RCC! You are a Great Soilder for the Catholic Church. Explaining any further will be waste of bandwidth. Take your blinkers off your eyes.

How very sad that the very same verse that you quote over and over again as your mantra What do you think would happen if you sincerely sought Jesus, putting all your beliefs aside for just a time, got down on your knees and asked Jesus to reveal HIS truth to you Are you capable of doing that, just laying all your beliefs and ours too, aside for a time to seek Jesus and Jesus alone?

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For HIM to come in a personal way to you without outside influence? I dare you to do it. Or are you scared of what you might find if you do try it?

Can Christians and Catholics Date/Marry? Are Protestants and Catholics Equally Yoked?

I dare any professing Catholic Just put aside the RCC teachings for a time and let Jesus teach you. What have you got to lose? You can always go back to your beliefs. I dare you to try it. Guess which boat is yours. By your last post you have just denied the word of the Saviour whom you profess to follow,unfortunately He is in the other boat.

Emcee I refuse to believe 2 things. That the RCC is the original church. That Peter is the foundation His church is built upon. Conversely I thankfully accept Jesus is my Creator who died in my place, taking the penalty for my sin. There is no preeminent denomination neither here nor will there be in heaven. Not your interpretation of his way. With respect to your answer it appears to me that you don't search to know if a church is teaching hearsy neither do you care.

All that matters to you is that the person profess to the faith. I don't agree with your position, however I dare not disrespect you just because we don't agree. Hopefully you will accept my apology. I am a Christian soldier Marcia. I believe in the Gospel. My church teaches it.