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Once her selection is made, she works the details and shifts things and herself around so she can achieve her goal and keep it. Though the Virgo woman is often seen as virginal, that's far from the truth. She may not be a player or do hook-ups and casual sex, but she's an earth sign woman and like all the earth signs, she's sensual and has an affinity with the physical aspect of sex.

Once she trusts a man and feels loved, she willingly sheds any inhibitions and loosens up. Behind the privacy of closed doors with the right man, she's an earthy angel with a wicked twist who can be coy or kinky, tender, and romantic. Even in bed she places emphasis on details and quality and works to perfect, which makes her a lover with an unusual finesse.

A Capricorn man is often thought to be wholly unromantic, devoid of sentiment, and entirely focused on achievement, ambition, and power. Like the legendary, silent, earthy old west cowboy, the Capricorn man seems to prefer to be alone.

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He's shy, but he's strong and tough. He's pleasant, but he's fiercely ambitious. He's not the cuddliest of men and not always verbally expressive, but his love is focused, very real, and powerful.

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Like most other things in his life, a Capricorn man treats love seriously. He is not a flirt or a player, and he doesn't jump the gun when he meets a woman he's attracted to.

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He believes in true love and will wait patiently for it. Then, he'll work hard keep it. He's loyal and dependable and will do anything and everything for the woman he loves.

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His actions speak louder than his words. He's into commitment and takes his commitments very seriously. When a Capricorn man loves a woman who returns that love, he's truly a for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health sort of guy. Once a woman catches his eye, he'll admire her from afar. Then, he'll make a move toward friendship and learn what she's all about before he becomes romantically involved. As a matter of fact, sometimes he'll even wait for the woman to make the first move toward romance.

Capricorn Man And Capricorn Woman Compatibility In Bed and Love Life

He's not a gambler and he doesn't play the odds. Any romantic relationship is a big investment, and he's looking for a sure thing. He's not the type who would lead a woman on or play hard to get, he's just careful and cautious with his feelings and prefers to build a relationship slowly. He's not into self-promotion and is likely to put all his warts on the table at the very beginning and hope the lady will stick around long enough to discover all his wonderful assets.

The Capricorn man doesn't like public displays of affection, which can make him somewhat of a surprise in the bedroom. He's an Earth sign man who's a sensual and physical lover.

Capricorn man and Capricorn woman

Between the sheets, he applies the same 'will to succeed' that he exhibits in the outer world. He's a 'do it and do it well' sort of lover with a great deal of stamina, who can be very kinky and experimental in the bedroom and very successful in pleasing his partner. The Virgo woman and the Capricorn man have so much in common it's hard to do them justice. In honor of their enjoyment of efficiency, a good list notes their high points.

When two earth signs fall in love, the result is usually a solid and enduring match. The Virgo woman and the Capricorn man are kindred spirits in the way they approach life, and both are eminently capable of creating a successful and long lasting relationship.

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Regardless of--or perhaps because of--all that Virgo and Capricorn have in common, this can seem a very unsexy match. Yet, even from the beginning they are a perfect match when it comes to sex. Your email address will not be published. Capricorn Man and Capricorn Woman.

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Virgo Woman and Capricorn Man

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