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In June , Wallis died after falling three stories from their Paris apartment. The death was ruled a suicide. Displays and revels in the rich inventiveness of a designer who played a key role in the fashions of the s and s, and who has become an inspiration for many contemporary designers. The Montana woman embodied an extraordinary new image: It records numerous conversations with Montana himself that help us to understand the essential forces that have shaped his work, while scores of catwalk images and reproductions of his sketches reveal the energy and singularity of his vision. Their moving testimonies are scattered throughout these pages.

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Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIIIs former love nest.

She had been his muse and his ally since he started out in the mids, and she thought of him not only as a genius but also as her alter ego. But nobody, not even her family, seemed to have the slightest inkling of the depth of her despair. As usual, Wallis managed to fool everybody. With her Louise Brooks bob, her lithe, androgynous body, and her raucous laugh, Wallis Franken was celebrated for her taste and style, but even more for her sparkling, care-free nature. She became a real Parisienne.

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How many models actually reveal that? In late April and early May, Wallis spent a wonderful two weeks in New York, tending to her aging mother, seeing old friends, buying gifts for Montana, and visiting a Chinese herbalist, to whom she recited a litany of menopausal symptoms.

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She told him, for example, that unstoppable tears would sometimes flow from her eyes, but she never mentioned the possibility of depression. She said she was excited that her daughter, Rhea, 26, who had two small daughters, was about to give birth to a grandson. Wallis made a date to meet Sanchez three weeks later at his house in Marrakech. Then she flew home, arriving on Monday morning, May 6. Her younger daughter, Celia, 24, who worked at the boutique, was also on hand to help out.

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She and Montana were polite and careful with each other. Nobody saw her on Wednesday, yet it was not unusual for her to take to her bed for 24 hours at a time. She was wearing black leggings, socks, and a white shirt that was torn—a detail reportedly of interest to the Paris police. The concierge could not even tell who she was. She had apparently taken a swan dive out the second-story kitchen window, a drop of 25 feet. The police, who woke Montana to make the identification, questioned him for hours.

They found her jewelry lined up neatly on the kitchen table. He said the last time he saw Wallis alive was in the wee hours of Wednesday, May 8, when she fell asleep on the living-room sofa. By the time he left for work that day, she had moved to her own room, or so he assumed.

He did not check. Nor did he bother to look in on her Wednesday night when he returned. PayPal and bank transfer accepted.

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