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Instead, I was enthralled and w This book was not at all what I expected, yet much better than I expected. Instead, I was enthralled and was happy to pick up the book at every opportunity. The main point of the book is that most of the prophecies in Revelation have been fulfilled through Nero and the Jewish war that started in his reign. His arguments are convincing, and from my perspective fairly exciting.

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I was never happy with the Anglo-American dispensational interpretations of Revelation — especially as they seemed to think that suffering was only significant for biblical prophecy when it would take place in the USA. This semi-preterist view on the other hand is straight forward and makes a lot more sense historically and theologically.

As a pan-millennialist, I am not yet convinced but am extremely sympathetic to what was presented, and will continue to mull over what was written. Nov 03, Todd Wilhelm rated it it was amazing. Gentry makes a clear and convincing case for the book of Revelation to have been written in A. If this book would attain wide readership among average American Christians, which, unfortunately I doubt it will, it could result in a radical restructuring of the average evangelical's worldview.

In fact, I would lean toward a date afte Gentry makes a clear and convincing case for the book of Revelation to have been written in A. In fact, I would lean toward a date after the outbreak of the Neronic persecution in late A. A date in either A. My hope is that the debate will be renewed with vigor and care, for the matter is more than a merely academic or intellectual exercise; it has ramifications in the area of practical Christianity. The resolution of the question of the dating of Revelation has far-reaching practical implications for the average Christian.

As noted in our opening comments, fascination with Revelation is an extremely widespread phenomenon in American Christianity. Almost certainly this fascination will continue. The importance of Revelation for eschatological inquiry lends it an especially influential role in the development and implementation of a Christian worldview. Hence, it is of grave ethical and cultural significance in that it impacts on the Christian's view of history.

On the one hand, if Christianity's eschatological expectation is that of an imminently portending and dismally precipitous decline and extinction of Christian influence in our day, as much of current Christian literature suggests, then our Christian endeavor will be powerfully bent in one direction.

Before Jerusalem Fell: Dating the Book of Revelation

And it must necessarily be turned away from the implementation of long-term Christian cultural progress and dominion. If Revelation's judgments are yet to occur and lie in our future, then we must expect and prepare for the worst. On the other hand, if the expectation held by the Christian community is of a sure hope for progress and victory, then the focus of Christian enterprise will be of a constructive and fiture-oriented nature.

Our cultural endeavor will not be in despite of our eschatology, but in light of it. We also noted in the beginning of our inquiry that a serious confusion as to the nature and message of Revelation is partly responsible for the cultural defeatism and retreatist pietism so influential in twentieth century Christianity.

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There we observed that one reason for confusion as to the Church's future is due to a radical misunderstanding of the date of the writing of Revelation. If Revelation is inadvertently dated after the events it prophesies as future, the way is opened to a radical misconstruing of its message. Indeed, not only has the message been misread in such circumstances, but it has been wholly inverted, placing in our future what really lies in our past.

Hence, the significance of the date of Revelation. Oct 21, Genni rated it really liked it Shelves: I will not lie. The decidedly more hopeful worldview of partial preterism is extremely appealing to me. Growing up under my grandfather's classic dispensational preaching of the hell, fire, and brimstone variety left me with a lot of fear concerning the eschaton.

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However hopeful preterism is does not make it true, though. That is why I was happy to find Gentry's early date advocacy for the Revelation well-researched and well-founded. Although preterism does not necessarily follow from establis I will not lie. Although preterism does not necessarily follow from establishment of an early date, the use of internal evidence for an early date makes a strong case for preterism in and of itself. Gentry presents the "self-witness" of Revelation convincingly, covering in detail almost every correlation between the prophecies and their first century fulfillment.

He addresses the problems and rebuttals against the self-witness thoroughly. My only issue with this section of the book is that he completely ignores the two witnesses. I find the weakest part of the book to be the portion dealing with external evidences. For example, most late date advocates must rely almost solely on the testimony of Iraneaus to support their position.

The most Gentry can do is cast doubt on Iraneaus as a reliable source. I feel the shadow he casts with this doubt is long, though not long or dark enough to make the controversy surrounding Iraneaus conclusive either way. Ultimately, I think Gentry is successful in making a case for an early date. At the very least, I think late date advocates must admit that either position is not entirely conclusive.

Am I ready to call myself a preterist, partial or evangelical? The album spawned two hit singles and was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. Gentry toured briefly with Campbell and performed on a number of American and British television programs and specials. In the issue dated September 28, , Billboard magazine published a review calling the album "a dynamite sales package teaming the talents of Campbell and Gentry.

The duetting on a well planned program of pop hits is a natural for fast programming and top sales.


The Bobbie Gentry composition "Mornin' Glory" comes up a winner in their reading. Artistically the pair go together like Siamese twins, and there could be several singles in the set. Multi-market airplay and sales on tap. The review published in Record World said, "Two country folks who recently brought their talents to town and TV and other places, get together for a little hoedown slowdown showdown. The album peaked at No. In Canada the album peaked at No. In the UK the album peaked at No.

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The album's first single, "Mornin' Glory", was released in October It peaked at No. Moule, Cornelius Vanderwaal, and others.

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But rather than committing an ad verecundiam fallacy, let us move beyond any appeal to authority and consider very briefly the argument for the early date of Revelation. Due to time constraints, I will succinctly engage only three of the internal indicators of composition date. I will only summarily allude to the arguments from tradition before concluding this matter.

Generally it is the practice of late-date advocates to begin with the evidence from tradition, while early-date advocates start with the evidence from self-witness. And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: Interestingly, historical Jerusalem is never mentioned by name in Revelation. Now what Temple stood in Jerusalem? Obviously the Jewish Temple ordained of God, wherein the Jewish sacrifices were offered.

This reference to the Temple must be that historical structure for four reasons:.

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Ken Gentry Debate book on the nature and timing of the great tribulation. Both sides thoroughly cover the evidence they deem necessary, then interact with each other. This can only refer to the Herodian Temple, which appears over and over again in the New Testament record. A comparison of Luke This new Jerusalem is apparently meant to supplant the old Jerusalem with its temple system. The old order Temple was destroyed in August, A. Thus, while John wrote, the Temple was still standing, awaiting its approaching doom. The reference to the Temple is hard architectural evidence that gets us back into an era pre-A.

He did so in a vision, in this book of visions.

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