Dating my mother in law

We have always kind of silently flirted for years and she saw me fully naked twice out of the shower, and walked into my room once while I was kind of sleeping in the nude. Since then she always seems to stare at my crotch and always bends over to flash me some cleavage. Well, back to the lunch date. I picked her up from work and we headed to a nearby restaurant.

Once we found our table she grabbed a seat and I followed, once again noticing her eyes dart towards my pants as I sat down. Her breasts looked fantastic in her new flowered blouse. It criss-crossed over her great ample tits and opened once in a while to give you a little peak of flesh.

Once we ordered we began talking like we always do, though lately we've been talking about her new dating interest. She's been divorced for a few years and is single. Actually, I asked her if she was sexually only EVER with her ex-husband in her whole life and she confirmed it. That's when I told her it was like riding a bike. I couldn't believe that I was actually talking about sex with my mother in law. Just the thought of it makes the bulge in my pants throb, as it did in the restaurant. Well a few laughs and soon we were talking about her picking out some sexy undergarments for her new beau.

She smiled and blushed and said she couldn't believe she was talking about panties with me but that she always knew she if she could it would be me. We kept talking and soon I was complimenting her on her looks and body. She doesn't have a lot of confidence in her appearance, but I'm telling you that she's quite a looker, especially for her 52 years.

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She told me that other than the new dating interest, no one has asked her out. So, with her only being with her ex-husband all her life and no dates in the last few years, I wonder what she's done for satisfaction. Hopefully the peaks she's gotten in of me in the nude have helped her. I know all the times that she's flashed me or brushed against me have definitely helped me out. So, there we were flirting, blushing, and all the rest. This is not made up.

1. Once a mom, always a mom.

Am I dreaming or do you think she gets turned on by this? Her daughter and I have been separated for 3 years but are still friends. She would flirt with me and in front of my wife, who thought it was really funny especially when we were sunbathing in the garden and I got erections. Eventually, I had her after a grass cutting session and was thinking about how to tell my wife about this, but my wife pre-empted me and guessed.

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The deal now is that my wife is ok with this as long as we're discrete and she can have a fling on occasion.. Its not right I know, but it works for us and we're still all very close.. This time we all went out for breakfast my mil, her daughter who is also my ex-wife who I am still friends with, our young daughter, and me. After breakfast and some quick shopping we headed back to my mil's house. My ex and my daughter had plans to go get manicures and my mil announced that she had to go grocery shopping. Knowing that I had to pick up some things for my daughter's school lunches I asked if I could join.

The ex-wife kinda seemed bothered a touch, but I asked and she said no. My mil didn't refuse at all, actually she kinda perked up, as did the bulge in my pants. So off we went together to do some grocery shopping. As always the trip was filled with flirting, laughing and quick glances as she flashed me her cleavage. Her eyes as they have habit to do, also darted more than a few times at my groin. Well it didn't take long to get back on the subject of her new beau, and her need to purchase new sexy underwear See my post above labelled "lunch" for her sexual history.

I joked, "Don't tell me that we're going to pick out your underwear together" and she laughed and said, "Maybe?! We moved along to the shampoo section and she bent over to read some of the bottles. What a great view of her creamy white breasts. They are a good size too, like her daughters but obviously with a little more "maturity" to them. She squatted down to continue reading the bottle and asked if I could help her see if it was conditioner or shampoo. The shopping continued and we did too. This really turned me on, and her too as she blushed and stopped herself from talking a few times, only to continue after a few seconds of silence.

We packed the car and headed back to her house. I unpacked her groceries and helped her put them away. Her daughter my ex and my daughter were still gone and the house was empty. She thanked me for being a great helper and I told her to call me anytime she needed to go shopping for groceries and she quickly replied that she would. I headed for the door reluctantly as she put the rest of the items away and told me that she was just going to relax and jump in the shower. This almost made me turn right around though I wouldn't know how to explain that.

Sorry but this is wrong. If you've been in the position, not only is it awkward but what happens when the parents fight There are 7 billion people on the planet, and the person you're now in 'love' with happens to be the most convenient person on the planet. Go out, travel, be your own independent person for a while instead of being afraid of being alone for 2 months.

You love your mom So what better remedy for you and your mother! You don't have to invite both sides of the family over for gatherings, and you only have 1 set parents to deal with now, not 2! I think the only thing weird about this is the fact you'll have to explain it to grandchildren and what not IF you have kids, and it might seem weird.

Be happy for your mom, and try and look at the situation on a lighter more comical note instead of thinking it's weird and demented The only thing that is going on is 2 people are newly in love and need the support of their children Who your mother chooses to date is up to her. Besides, you said that she is finally happy for the first time since your father passed away, so why can't you put her first instead of yourself and just let her be happy. So what if you're a little uncomfortable?

What is more important to you: I don't think you need to "deal" with this at all, since it's just at the dating stage right now. I'm sorry to hear about your dad. I'm in the same boat as you. My mother is doing the same. He is a raging alcoholic that was a terrible dad and flunky grandparent to our kids. We don't agree with it and my wife's family have basically shunned her.

My wife's grandmother cussed her out since we don't agree with the situation.

5 Things to Help You Understand Your Mother-in-Law Problems

This has caused a great strain on our family but they don't care how we are impacted. People on the outside just don't see how this affects you at home. If they d0 then start talking t0 her. I know it's weird and not really comfortable but y0u g0tta let it passed 0r it c0uld cause s0me h0t water between y0u and your m0m, due to the fact that it really iiss her personal life. Someone in my Twitter feed posted this question so I came to take a look.

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