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But the episode was another dagger in the reputation of "new school" dating coaches like Maclane, who try to separate themselves from "old school" PUAs like Blanc and Valizadeh. Sydney dating coach Damien Diecke runs the 'School of Attraction' to help men interact with women.

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To some extent, I can vouch for the likes of Maclane. Last year I spent a few sessions hanging out with Damien Diecke, head coach of the School of Attraction, while researching a story.

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I stood back and watched shy, hapless, inexperienced men as they fumbled their way over to women on the street, trying to engage them in conversation and hopefully get a phone number. Perhaps you've encountered these groups yourself. They are out there regularly, in Pitt Street Mall or Circular Quay, practising the art of picking up — or, at the very least, talking to women.

We're talking about just being able to connect with other people.

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When I first mention the name Roosh, Diecke audibly sighs. He's prepared to admit there's some crossover in what they do. Among the rank misogyny and "legal rape" advocacy, Roosh tells men they need to better themselves — mainly by improving their body and style. Diecke's business is also about men bettering themselves — but via improving their social skills and emotional intelligence. Sexual expression is a big area of difficulty for many of his clients.

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  • Both dating coaches have a similar clientele: Diecke and Maclane both see a lot of engineers; typically they have not spent a lot of time around women. All up, Diecke estimates about 30 men are being intensively coached each month in Sydney by just a handful of coaches — with hundreds more attending seminars. Both coaches also struggled with dating earlier in their lives. Peter applies social science research methodologies to the programming, planning, and design of learning Who better to talk to us about working under pressure, team work, problem solving, resilience, risk assessment and hard work?

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