Dating website for foodies

Your hypothetical sweetie drinks beer but not wine? For the vino connoisseur in all of us.

Your enthusiasm for wine will connect you with other adults who have the same passion. For veggie lovers seeking veggie-loving lovers.

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Sign up for free to chat with vegetarians, vegans, fruitarians, pescatarians and raw food dieters. Animal rights, ethical living and green issues are also central topics on this site. For the gluten-intolerant and the gluten-free by choice. Not only will this site help you find your match, it also advertises gluten-free meet-ups, socials, networking events and cooking activities.

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And yet, during a long, hard winter of singledom I decided that, on mature reflection, the idea of someone who would take as long over the menu as I do, or who might turn their nose up at my beloved Birds custard, was actually quite annoying. Food is my thing — I don't need any competition in the kitchen, just a sous chef who's happy to help with the shopping and chopping while I do the more glamorous stuff.

10. Wine Dating Club

In fact, all that competitive cooking must be ever so tiring: Of course, I can see the advantages in shared interests. Browsing the shelves in foreign supermarkets can get awfully lonely after the first hour or so, and it would be lovely to find someone enthusiastic greedy enough to sit through a course tasting menu at lunch and still find room for afternoon tea.

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Foodies tend to be less touchy about you reaching over and stealing a piece of their dinner , and don't get all huffy when you tell them they're not allowed to order the same thing as you. But, it turns out, having fallen for someone who believes everything's better with ketchup, a certain disregard for culinary snobbery is actually quite refreshing. He thinks it's funny, rather than shameful, that I once served him an all-but raw "boiled egg" I got flustered , and is often happy to leave the menu to my superior judgement.

He's not cynical about supper clubs , or bored by Nordic , and eats everything I make with the pleasure afforded by an unjaded palate. Except where eggs are concerned.

Putting Foodie Dating Sites to the Test

Of course, it does make me a bit sad that we'll never gorge ourselves on oysters together, but I've realised that sometimes, there's more to life than food. Well here are 10 sites that take into consideration all of your foodie needs while also trying to make sure you meet your soulmate who is guaranteed to sweep you off your feet and um, stomach.

On this site, instead of asking you to put up pictures of yourselves, they would rather you put pictures of your meals. And use the pictures as conversation starters. Find your future beermate on this site, that caters for hop e ful lovers. However, the site requires you to be a payable user. Just join for free and fill in your dietary preferences.

9. My Vegetarian Dating

If you are a vino-lover and looking to build a relationship over a glass of wine , Wine Dating Club is for you. Then the waiting begins. Find your gluten-free mate with this site that has a large social following and high number of members.