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I mean, getting a Cabbage Patch doll Christmas morning was an absolute must for an '80s child, and I loved it! But this is where people get confused, so pay attention: I never wanted to be Barbie. I chose Ken every time. Same goes for playing house; I was never the mother or the daughter; I was always the dad or the son. I related more to Ken or the male roles than I did to Barbie or the female roles.

9 Confessions Of A Tomboy

It was easier for me to be the boy and like playing sports and going fishing and various other "manly" things, than it was for me to be the girl and pretend to like pink dresses and makeup and white, glittery ponies. I just didn't get it.

I was also too young to understand that it was OK to still be the mom, or the daughter, or Barbie, and just make them who I wanted them to be. Dress her in Ken's clothes and put her in a Lincoln Log-made cabin instead of some girly Barbie mansion. Hook her up with a Chevy C with Custom Sport truck instead of a pretty, pink convertible.

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I didn't understand the possibilities of what it meant to be a girl, and that it was OK to be the girl I wanted to be. I want to be pretty.

5 Things You Should Know About Dating a Tomboy

It's clear that dresses just aren't practical, and I preferred the clothes Ken wore to the lacy, girly things Barbie did. I mean, come on, how practical or even comfortable are dresses? There is no way I'm just going to hop on a bike, or even a white, glittery pony in a dress. And if I make the wrong move, then BAM!

Do Guys Like Tomboys?

The whole world gets to know me a little more than I intended. Dresses are just not feasible and also very drafty It just makes sense for me, that's all!

But I do want to be pretty, and when I do put on those dresses and people look at me in a way they never have before, it just feels good! Everyone has that desire to be attractive and wanted, and I'm no different. The difference is, though, as soon as I get in my front door, those heels are flying through the air, that dress is flung across the room and my hair goes from flowing beautifully down my back into a practical, messy bun. Yep, that's the extent of my attempt at glamour, take it or leave it.

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Boys really like ME. I just get them. I mean really, really, really GET them. Who doesn't appreciate it when someone gets you? I liked what they liked, and I was fun to hang out with. And when they saw that on occasion, I could clean up real nicely -- prior to the flinging of the dress and the tossing of the shoes -- it was on! I probably could kick your ass. This oddly is also a part of 5, but only in reference to the confidence factor. Confidence can be extremely attractive in both sexes, and I was probably overly-confident. I'm 5'7" and around a buck I wasn't the biggest or the strongest kid growing up, but I believed I was, so others may have too.

It's all in how you carry yourself. I have the mouth of a sailor. I have no filter. I say what I mean, I mean what I say and I usually don't care who hears it.

Can somebody who hates himself/or thinks very low of themselves be able to be in a relationship?

I will admit I do tend to censor myself quite a bit more now that I'm a mother and "respectable" wife. But I've had a potty mouth since a very young age, so I don't see the point in changing now. It's much more effective than a "You hurt my feelings, and I did not like that. I just can't help myself!

I'm a good mother. I am not going to argue with you because you have the power to have the last say by locking the thread. I know you like the attention but I am not going to give you any of it more times for you PS. I'll rather see ufo's than to be a carpet muncher. You are just confused, in the bid to quote and reply me by fox, you contradicted yourself. I see nothing wrong with it because I think tomboys are kool.

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Awwh boy, you still on my case? You are in love with me Mukina but you can't and will not have me. Here, spray some of this see below on you. Would u be upset with her if she is better than u in basketball or chess? I see nothing wrong, my last girl friend was a tomboy and she was really cool! Could discuss several stuffs with her. I was a tomboy before. Could discuss several stuffs with her I bet u r kool Gabry: I was a tomboy before gabs, u can be a tomboy and still be a lady lol.