When did shawn and juliet start dating on psych

Maybe we can have dinner with you and Declan, huh? Shawn's tongue darted out of his mouth and touched her hand. She jerked away and he sat up quickly. Anyways, I um… may not have told them I was dating you. Shawn laughed and rested his hand on her knee. Just call them and tell 'em. Last they heard I was heading to the Amalfi Coast with him. Everyone knew Declan was a sore spot for Shawn. He hated anything that had to do with her ex. Shawn didn't even talk about the cases Declan had helped them on, and he never went back to that coffee shop where Declan had showed him up. Juliet looked at him and noticed he was trying to hide the anger and hurt.

His face however portrayed them both. I just never got around to telling them. And whenever we talked the conversation was never on my love life. You know I do. Instead I'm dating Shawn. I promise by tonight they'll know you're my boyfriend, and how much I'm in love with you. He groaned and let his head fall back.

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He covered her body with his own and kissed her passionately. She happily kissed him back and tangled her fingers in his thick hair. Shawn grunted when she tugged his hair. They broke apart when air became needed. Both were smiling widely. Her hand trailed down his chest.

Juliet pulled on her blue dress and smoothed out the wrinkles.

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She crossed the room over to her little makeup table. She sat down and applied some red lipstick. Shawn walked into the room donning a black suit with no tie.

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Juliet had found the suit in his closet, buried underneath a million other articles of clothing that had never seen the light of day. He walked behind her and tried to tame the messy hair on his head.

Juliet O'Hara

Juliet smiled up at him and he smiled back. Juliet turned back to her own reflection and made sure she looked perfect. This was the first time her parents would be seeing them as a couple. Hell this was their first time meeting Shawn. She wanted her mom and Lloyd to be impressed. She wanted them to fall in love with him as she had. She also hoped her mother wouldn't tell any embarrassing stories Shawn could use to his advantage later on.

His hair pulled back and glued with the gel he'd found. He snorted and walked over to her. Well sorry love, it's not happening. She stood up and pulled on the black heels she'd picked out. Her hair bounced on her shoulders in soft curls. She'd spent more than an hour curling her hair to perfection.

When does shawn and juliet start dating on psych

He told her that all the time, it really did wonders for her self-esteem. Shawn grabbed her purse and shut off the bedroom light. After making sure everything was off and locked, they got into her Green Volkswagen Beetle and began the fifteen minute drive to Marios. Her mother had texted her to meet them at Marios around eight. Marios was fancy place where a suit and tie were required, much to Shawn's dismay.

The ride was spent with both Shawn and Juliet laughing, making jokes and Shawn mocking whatever song came on the radio. They arrived ten minutes early, Juliet used this time to tell Shawn what Lloyd and her mother enjoyed. His favorite actor is Robin Williams.

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My mom likes gardens and flowers. And she is very skeptical of Psychics. I promise I won't announce any information unless it's called for. I won't do any imitations of Robin Williams or Tom Hanks. She pulled out a black tie and handed it to Shawn. Shawn watched from the car as Juliet hugged her mother first, then Lloyd. He quickly put on his tie and felt his stomach clench with nerves. This was the first time ever meeting his girlfriend's parents… by choice. He usually wasn't the guy you brought to meet mommy and daddy. He was the guy who would sneak into your room, stay all night and disappear before you woke up and your parents had a chance to see him.

His father had told him that one day he would have to meet the parents.

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Shawn knew he'd have too. At least Juliet's parents he would. His grandfather told him stories all the time of his meeting with Shawn's father growing up. His mom's parents had been happy with Henry from the first meeting. His seriousness proving to be a good and bad thing. Shawn got out of the car when Juliet turned and waved for him to come over. He walked slowly over to the threesome and licked his lips.

Shawn remembered Drake as one of Juliet's nephews. Shawn gulped and grabbed her hand, finishing the journey with Lloyd's gaze on him. But Shawn is too. I mean he's smart. And I love him a lot. O'Hara, I know I'm not rich or well… fancy. But I do love your daughter. I love her more than anything, I can assure you that. Shawn shifted, waiting for her parents to say something.

In the following chapters I'll have plenty of drama between the Spencer's and O'Hara's. Stay tuned to find out! Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Shawn meets Juliet's parents for the first time. Juliet however, never told her parents about her breakup with Declan, and her dating Shawn. So shortly after when Shawn proposes, the O'Hara's and Spencer's try to get along for the sake of Shawn's and Juliet's upcoming wedding. The two families clash in style, thoughts, and if the two should marry or not.

I want to thank my bestfriend for helping me. I love you girl: That's below the belt.

Psych-The breakup-Part 1

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