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What are you communicating? Now to practice these skills! Still have time left in your activity? Also sometimes called Missionary Tag. Download the questions by clicking on the appropriate link below.

If you want to preview the questions before downloading, click on the pdf option. It will open the file in a new window, and you can check out the questions before printing. The file includes 21 creative questions to break the ice and get the youth talking and having fun together!

Speed Friendshipping Game for Teens

I hope your activity or game night is a success! Thanks for stopping by today. What a great game for teens! I wonder if this generation will have any idea how to communicate face to face. I really like this!

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I hate to see a group of kids together and they all have their noses in their phone. The other day, I saw a mom and her teenage kids at a restaurant. They all sat with their faces in their phones the entire time. I love how you made this a game. I hope this helps. The trick is finding a way to get kids together to play.

We played it as a youth group at church, so it was the perfect opportunity. Such a great idea. I have one teen that would really benefit from this. Might have to have her try it out! This is such a great game for teens! What a fun idea. I am going to pin this and bring it to confirmation as I am teaching this year, tough to get those kids to talk sometimes.

By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Arms crossed in front of your body — This is a negative posture. It makes you seem closed off and gives the impression that you are uninterested, or even angry. Folded arms in church may symbolize reverence, but folded arms in a conversation with a friend or potential employer sends a completely different message. Looking around while someone is talking — This is another cue that you are not interested in what someone is saying.

Focus on the person who is talking.

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Looking at your phone or answering a text while someone is talking — Believe it or not, but that phone call or text can wait. Nothing on your phone is more important than the person you are talking to. This goes for parents, too. If you need to peek at your phone to answer a call, you should apologize and excuse yourself for a minute. If you must answer the phone, make your conversation as brief as possible.

Remember, the person in front of you is important! Look people in the eye — Looking someone in the eye is one of the best listening skills to develop.

This really helps people know that you care about what they are saying and that you are engaged in the conversation. This one skill will change the way people think about you! Show interest in other people.

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Learn what is important to them. They will notice that you remember their name. Everyone loves a compliment, and everyone loves to be noticed. Speed Friendshipping Game Now to practice these skills! Please rotate to the next category with each new date. Knowing Me, Knowing You: Who is your hero and why? What do you hope your life is like in ten years?

What is your favorite fast food restaurant? What is your favorite food? What is your favorite dessert? What would you never eat? If you could spend an hour with anyone who would it be and why? What famous person would you like to know? Have you ever had an operation?

Do you like going to the dentist? Do you wear contacts? Have you ever been in a car accident? What is your full name? How did you get your name? Are you named after anyone?

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Are all your grandparents alive? What are your fondest memories of them? What is the best and worst parts about technology for youth? Can you remember a time when a friend has helped you make a good choice at a hard time? How do you handle situations when people around you are using bad language?

Can you remember a time you stood in a holy place? Have you gone to youth conference before? Why do you feel that modesty is important? What is your favorite thing about seminary? Name something that strengthened your testimony this last year. Do you play an instrument?